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How to Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Holidays are so much fun when you have a new baby, and they’re the perfect excuse to incorporate some new traditions! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are quite a few ways to mark the occasion. Get some festive inspiration with these great ideas from Pottery Barn Kids!


A Heart-y Lunch Date

If Valentine’s Day happens to fall in the middle of the work week, it’s a fun idea to show up at work and head out to lunch together with your baby. If the holiday happens to fall on a weekend, you can plan a lunch date or a picnic – just be sure to stay bundled up! If dinner’s more your style, taking the baby out for an early evening meal is another fun way to have a “date” to celebrate.

Dressing Up

Whether you’re going to lunch or dinner or for a walk in the park, looking for “Baby’s First Valentine” gear adds merriment to the occasion. You can shop for day clothes, such as cute two-piece sets, or opt for pajamas that your baby can wear at night. Get ready for photo opportunities, too! Try looking for themed outfits that celebrate the holiday’s signature colors like red, pink and white.

Plant a Seed

Mid-February is right around the time you might be starting some plants indoors, so why not plant a seed to memorialize the day? Perhaps choose a seedling or flower that’s perfect to transplant right around Easter, or opt for a variety that you can replant outside right before spring and enjoy each year. This way, as your child grows, you can tell them the story of how you planted it on their first Valentine’s Day.

Start a New Tradition

Think of a tradition that you can use for celebrating each year around Valentine’s Day, such as a charm bracelet or other piece of jewelry. You might want to get a big-kid size, and then add a different charm each year. By the time your child is a preteen, the bracelet or necklace will be full of charms. You can also start a scrapbook that you add to each year, or place written memories in a jar to look at together years later.

Write a Letter

Similar to the tradition idea, you can write a letter to your little one that they can open as an older child, or even as an adult. This is something you can do just once, or you can continue to do every year. You can also set up a private email account that only you have access to. Send an email to it every year on Valentine’s Day. When your child is older, share the password so they can read everything you shared during their younger years.

Get Pictures Taken

Valentine’s Day is a great time to have pictures taken, not only in “Baby’s First Valentine’s Day” gear, but in Valentine gear for the whole family! Dedicate a day to getting dressed up and ready for the photos. Once you get the files or prints back, you can frame and hang them for memories of baby’s first Valentine’s Day. These make charming decorations to use year after year.

Send Valentine’s Day Cards

How about sending Valentine’s Day cards from your baby to friends and family? If you’ve recently had professional photos taken, this is a good time to drop copies into the cards as gifts so that friends and family can have copies, as well.