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Have a Blast with These Fun Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the excitement of a new baby’s arrival. Baby shower games get the party moving and generate laughter and loads of fun. Here are some baby shower games and activities from Pottery Barn Kids that are sure to make your party a hit.


Guess the Baby’s Birthdate

To get the shower started, gather a printed calendar of the month of the due date and decorative stamps. Footprints, bottles or other baby-themed stamps are ideal for creating a festive feel, and you can choose any color of ink you like. As guests arrive, ask them to place a stamp on the calendar date when they think the baby will be born and to write their name next to the stamp. Let the guests know you’ll be mailing the prize to the lucky winner when the baby is born. Because this gift will be mailed, a gift card makes an ideal prize.

Make Your Own Onesie

Painting one-of-a-kind T-shirts for the new baby promises to bring joy and conversation as guests get their creative juices flowing. Washing and drying the onesies (without fabric softener) ahead of time will ensure that the fabric paint adheres well. Place wax paper between the layers of fabric to prevent bleeding, and let the shirts dry for 24 hours. When it’s time to deliver the personalized shirts to the expectant parents, consider packaging them in a personalized tote – it’ll become a treasured staple for memorable family outings.

Cookie Decorating Contest

This game works well for many scenarios. Guests decorate cookies based on a theme, such as the baby’s gender, baby names, or nursery colors and decor. The guest of honor will choose the winner that best represents the theme for the game. You can use any baby-related cookie cutters you like, and prep and bake your favorite sugar cookie recipe a day ahead of the shower. Place candies, frosting and other decorations in food storage containers with sealable lids for easy cleanup as you get ready for the next activity.

Play Outdoors

Have a big guest list? Outdoor games are perfect for larger crowds and offer an excellent opportunity for everyone to participate. Create a relaxed atmosphere in which your large group feels comfortable letting loose and cheering one another on. Here are some baby shower games for large groups that are sure to keep your guests laughing and create lifelong memories.

Diaper Toss

Guests compete to see how many wet diapers they can successfully toss in a basket. Place two baskets on the ground filled with diapers soaked with water. Set up two additional baskets several feet away. Guests line up two by two and aim to score as many diaper shots as possible in a specified time.

Relay Race

Relay races get your guests moving as they scurry to see who can be first to finish baby-related activities. Race to diaper, dress and swaddle a baby doll with a blanket. And if you want to make the game more challenging, don’t forget to have everyone brush the baby’s hair and put it in pigtails.

Games to Play While Opening Gifts

When opening gifts, things can slow down. Playing games during the gift portion of the shower keeps everyone involved and socializing.

Baby Shower Bingo Game

Before opening gifts, pass out blank bingo cards. You can use BINGO, or the first or last name of the new baby. Ask guests to write in baby items they think the parents may receive. Because they’re making the cards themselves, no two bingo cards will be the same. As the guest of honor opens the gifts, players can mark off their boxes with colorful stickers. First guest to get BINGO wins!

Baby Trivia

Let your guests test their baby knowledge with a baby trivia game. Asking things like, “How many questions does the average toddler ask in a day?” will challenge even the most knowledgeable in the group.

Baby Price Is Right

Do your guests know the prices of baby gear? Ask them to list the prices of common baby items like bottles, diapers, pacifiers and other essentials. The most price-savvy players will compete to see who gets the most correct answers. Ask your guests to write down their answers to the baby trivia game or baby Price Is Right game before the guest of honor begins opening gifts. As natural pauses occur during the gift opening process, give the answers to the questions. Ask the guests to tally their scores after the gifts are opened – the person with the highest score wins!  

Baby Shower Game Prizes

Creative prizes offer a thoughtful, but fun approach to the games. Something small is appropriate, and when it is useful, it is even more appreciated. Giving manicure kits that are decoratively packaged in Mason jars with tags that say, "You nailed it!" are easy to assemble. Is this a coed baby shower? Vintage bottles of soda pop and microwaved popcorn bags placed in retro-style popcorn containers are a perfect combo. Add a handmade tag to commemorate the event.

It’s always fun to give the expectant mom a special prize, too. A charm necklace with the baby’s birthstone or initials is a personalized gift she’s sure to love.

Taking pictures throughout the games captures the fun and memories, so have your camera ready. The expectant parents are sure to appreciate the hilarious photos and will look back on this memorable occasion with love and appreciation for years to come – it’s one of the best gifts you can give.