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Fun and Easy Rainy Day Craft Ideas

Are you looking for something fun to do with your little ones on a rainy day? Try some craft projects that are easy and fun for kids and parents, alike. Grab a basket of art supplies, and you’ll be ready for hours of rainy day crafts that become artwork, gifts and play props. Let’s get crafting!

Train Track Set

Set Up a Home Printing Zone

Turn a play or craft table into your child’s very own printing press to make artwork, giftwrapping paper and cards. Gather up nontoxic tempera paint, brushes or a roller, and plenty of paper, fabric or card stock. Your printing “stamps” can be a range of everyday items. Both leaves and flowers make lovely prints—use the paint brush or roller to cover one side, and then press it onto some colored or patterned paper. Older kids can take a firm vegetable or fruit cut in half – like a potato or apple – that you’ve carved with a craft knife or pumpkin-carving tool to create designs on the flat sides. Dip the design in paint and stamp away on cards or fabric. Use items like bubble wrap and old toys to create interesting print patterns and design textures.

Styrofoam Pictures for Little Ones

Even very young kids love seeing their artwork framed on the walls. A memorable rainy day craft for toddlers involves making a Styrofoam print you later frame and hang proudly for all to see. Use the flat foam sheets you can find wrapped around produce, from packaging or at the craft store. Cut the Styrofoam to fit your frame. Next, cut thin paper that fits exactly over the Styrofoam. Remove the thin paper from the foam and let your child draw a design on it to use as a stencil. Place the picture back over the foam piece and use a pencil point, chopstick or other pointy item to press down on the design so it imprints into the foam below. Remove the paper and let kids use a brush or roller to apply paint on the Styrofoam design. When they press the design onto art paper or card stock, their drawing will transfer beautifully.

Help Kids Publish Their Own Books

Another exciting idea for rainy day crafts for kids is book- and scrapbook-making. Use cereal boxes or other cardboard for the book covers, and use construction paper for the pages. Older kids can staple or sew their pages together, or you can use hole punches and ribbons to gather the books together for younger kids. Give kids old catalogs and magazines and let them cut out pictures they like under their craft area task lamps. You can also use the computer to print out family photos and pictures of places where your family has traveled or spent time. Another book idea school-aged kids love is creating their own vocabulary books with pictures of words they’re learning to spell.

Macaroni and Rocks

A macaroni bracelet or necklace is a timeless craft that children love. All you’ll need is hollow macaroni and yarn. String the macaroni on the yarn to make jewelry of all sizes. Kids can use paint, glitter and stickers on their “gems.” Painted or plain pebbles and small rocks also make great rings and pendants. Your local craft store likely has inexpensive jewelry settings to glue onto small stones to make gifts and fun dress-up accessories.

Stain Some Wax Paper

Be ready for the sun’s return with wax paper “stained glass” crafts kids can hang in their windows. Cut wax paper to the size you want. For a stained glass rectangle, reinforce the edges with sturdy tape or cardboard, or cut wax paper in the shape of pendants for a flag look. Kids can use glued colored tissue paper, markers and crayons to create designs on the wax paper. Let kids trace coloring book pages and other drawings for ideas in their stained glass craft.

Quick Bookmark Crafts

Kids who enjoy reading require plenty of bookmarks, and even younger children can make them as presents to people they love. Use felt, foam and cardboard to create unique designs for bookmarks. Stickers, yarn, ribbon and favorite images can all be attached to the bookmarks to create one-of-a-kind works of creativity.