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Fun Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sometimes, the wrapping paper or gift bag you choose can be just as fun as the gift inside. Make your holiday gift presentation something to remember by thinking outside the box, using your talents and maximizing creativity. Your gifts can be simple and charming, elaborate and impressive or fantastically festive – all it takes is a little bit of resourcefulness and just a bit of work. These holiday gift wrapping ideas are just a jumping off point, the fun doesn’t have to end here. Customize these concepts to make them perfect for your holiday gift wrap needs.



If you aren’t yet familiar with washi tape, do yourself a favor and introduce it into your craft drawer. Kid-friendly and practical, washi tape is essentially just a colorful, printed version of masking tape. Available in a range of patterns and widths, washi tape is both decorative and adhesive, meaning you can seal your gift wrap and embellish it at the same time. Use it with brown craft paper or glossy plain white gift wrap to seal down corners and create stripes or shapes as you desire. You can even use the tape to create a flat bow shape at the top of your wrapped gift, a perfect squish-proof alternative to three-dimensional bows if you need to pack your gifts for travel. 


Red-and-white tartan plaid is a classic holiday decor element, and there are tons of ways you can incorporate it into your gift wrap. Buy some lengths of thick plaid ribbon or fabric cut into strips and use that to create massive ribbons for your gift packages. You can even get in on the upcycling trend by reusing plaid flannel shirts in holiday colors as an alternative gift wrap idea. Sew the arms or chest of a plaid shirt into a soft bag for odd-shaped gifts that don’t fit in boxes, or wrap the shirt around a box and tie the arms. 


Holiday tinsel and garland is gorgeous on your tree and hung from the walls, so why not re-purpose these decorative elements as gift wrap embellishments? Use wired garland in place of a ribbon to tie around your presents, and stuff gift bags with tinsel strips instead of tissue paper. You can even use ornaments as little baubles on top of your gift in place of a classic starburst gift ribbon to add some dimension and a fun, unusual twist. 


 It’s always fun to get your kids involved with holiday decor and gift wrap, and you can elevate their crafty talents by letting the kiddos create a custom wrapping paper design. There are a few different ways to approach this. Go simple and use classic potato stamps to make a pattern, or give the kids a long roll of paper and some markers or crayons and let them go to town creating a repeating pattern of shapes and colors. You can also enlist the services of a print shop that makes gift wrap, having your kid create a drawing that the printer replicates digitally and prints on rolls of wrapping paper. 


Because the winter holidays are all so sparkly and happy, it makes sense to create gift wrap to match. But everyone who works with kids and craft glitter knows that it can be a bit tricky to clean up. Luckily, there’s an alternative. There are plenty of glittery craft papers and fabrics that are virtually shed-proof, meaning you can go for the glitter gusto and create luxuriously luminous gift packages without worrying about any glitter shedding. Confetti is another excellent holiday sparkle option that’s a potential nuisance, but again, you can avoid any issues with the right approach. Wrap your gift in a light-colored plain gift wrap, then get a clear piece of cellophane. Sprinkle some confetti into the cellophane and top with a smaller clear cellophane piece. Tape the sides of the cellophane together, tucking the larger edges around the smaller piece, to seal the confetti in. Then just use this glittering overwrap to cover your plain-wrapped gift and you’ve got a sparkling masterpiece with real dimension.