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Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Finding the right Christmas gift for little boys is super fun. Little boys tend to love a myriad of different toys, from toy cars to play kitchens and basketballs to mini ATVs. There are a wealth of different ideas to choose from, whether you’re shopping for your own son or grandson or another little guy in your life. Here are our picks for the gifts they’ll want under the tree this year!


Toddler Boys

Any musical gift ideas are usually a big hit with toddlers. Think about a small wooden band set, complete with xylophone, tambourine and kazoo, or you can opt for baby’s first drum – although, if this isn’t your child, you might want to check with the parents on this one! Other great musical ideas include small keyboards and handheld guitars so the little guy can get his jam on. Other great ideas for toddler boys include train tables (complete with train set and tracks, of course) or an activity table. With an activity table, he’ll be able to play with nearly anything on it – puzzles, blocks and a train set all work among other toys and activities. Look for one with storage to help the parents out with lingering toys after he’s done playing.

Educational toys also work well, and they are designed to be fun at the same time – double bonus. Peg puzzles, shape sorters, building blocks and any toy that enhances learning (such as books with sound) are great to help little ones learn. For younger and older toddlers alike, educational toys for ages 2-4 guarantee hours of fun while helping them learn. Toys and sets such as play kitchens are also great ideas, as they help reinforce the idea of pretend play.

Older Boys

Sometimes parents find it a bit tougher to shop for the older guys. If the boy likes Star Wars™, there are a lot of different themed toys out there that go well beyond figurines. The Death Star™ playset is one choice, and a Millennium Falcon™ model set is another. Providing hours of fun, these toys with Star Wars™ themes are great ideas for elementary school aged boys and pre-teens that like the movies.

Science sets are another good idea. When it’s in season, an outdoor explorer set works well for older boys, but if it’s cold outside at Christmas where you live, opt instead for science experiment kits. Science kits let little boys be creative and learn the wonders of science, while still staying safe with age-appropriate sets. RC cars and other motorized toys are a great gift idea, but this is another “check with the parents” idea. If the child doesn’t have a separate playroom or ample space, the parents may not be thrilled. Overall, though, these are fun toys that are really appropriate for most ages. You can find RC-controlled vehicles in the style of anything from Thomas the Tank Engine to Batman™.

Tablets are a terrific holiday gift for boys, too. Just be sure that you grab an age-appropriate tablet with the right amount of parental controls. These tablets include apps that are educational, sporty, creative, musical and the like. For a true favorite, little boys are always going to like their action figures. Knowing their favorite character or TV show is, is a plus. Look to everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Jurassic Park themes to thrill the little guys. Another can’t-miss option is block sets. For younger guys, look for blocks that present no choking hazard. Similarly to action figurines, you can easily find the little guy’s favorite characters. If he likes Star Wars™, for example, there is a bevy of different choices with a variety of different age ranges to suit any little boy.