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Creative Delivery Ideas with Santa Bags

It’s Christmas time, and the children are excitedly anticipating Santa’s visit, counting down the days with the advent calendar. Christmas is one of the most memorable holidays for kids, and here are some ideas to make it extra special. Make the experience as authentic as possible for kids with some creative delivery ideas with Santa Bags.

Santa Bags

A Personalized Visit

One great way to make Christmas truly memorable is to have Santa visit the house. Ask a neighbor, friend or relative to volunteer to wear the traditional costume and beard. Have Santa bring with him a bag with the kids’ toys. Make the experience more personal by having the toys delivered in a bag with the kids’ names embroidered on them. The visit could happen when the kids are awake, or while they sleep. Most traditionally, Santa wouldn’t be seen by the kids, so the decision is up to the parents. For cases when Santa makes a visit after bedtime, memorialize the visit with a photo or video. A photo of Santa by the Christmas tree with stockings in the background is convincing proof of his visit. Decorate the mantel with Christmas decor for a beautiful backdrop.

Use Technology

If a real Santa Claus can’t make it to the house, use a Santa app to have him call you and your kids. Let the kids see Santa’s bag, and time the phone call right before the kids open the gifts for a truly unforgettable moment. In addition, consider having your kids log on to the Google Santa Tracker to check his progress before they change into their Christmas pajamas and head to bed. This makes Santa’s journey seem much more real, and finally seeing Santa’s bag is the final proof that he really did visit.

Leave Some Proof

Setting up the bag creatively is an excellent way to show kids that Santa was the one who left the gifts. Mix big gifts with stocking stuffers for a bag filled to the brim. A great option is to leave Santa’s footprints from the fireplace to Santa’s gift bag. Make footprints to and from the chimney with glitter, or with soot (for those who are truly dedicated and don’t mind some cleanup). A great additional touch is to leave some cookie crumbs behind where Santa was standing. Leave some crumbs on Santa’s toy bag for a more convincing setting. Go the extra mile by leaving evidence of reindeer, which can be done with reindeer footprints.

Coordinate the Wrapping Paper

Especially in homes with multiple siblings, make Santa’s gift stand out more than others by using a special wrapping paper for his gifts. Fill the entire Santa Bag with presents that are wrapped in the same paper for a more convincing surprise.

A Letter from Santa

Make Santa’s toy bag even more special with a personal note from Santa. Tack the letter on the top of the toy bag so that kids see it first, before they get to the gifts. This letter should be written by someone other than the parents to avoid them recognizing the handwriting. This is a great opportunity for parents to communicate a positive message to their children. For those who are technologically inclined, send an email to them from Santa. The simplest way to do this is to have Santa email the parents, and the parents to share the letter with their kids. Another great way to add personalization to the experience is by including a personalized Christmas story in the mix.

A Letter to Santa

Long before Christmas, have the kids write a letter to Santa detailing what they would like for Christmas this year. Have them mail it too, for extra authenticity. This gives parents the chance to see what their kids really want, to get them what they’re asking for. Kids opening up a toy bag from Santa that is filled with their specific requests is a great way to deliver his gifts to them on Christmas Day. Kids are sure to appreciate Christmas even more when these ideas are implemented. Santa’s visit is a remarkable time in many childhoods, and the memories are sure to last for years. With some planning and a little bit of creativity, it’s possible to pull off a successful visit from Santa. The Santa Bags work well as decor pieces as well later down the road, when the kids are older.