Batter up: Baseball Baby Shower Ideas

Want to score a home run? Throw a baseball-themed baby shower using these fun suggestions from Pottery Barn Kids.


Cheerful Concessions: Menu

The baseball theme can play a big part in your party menu selection, and you can even balance a faithful adherence to ballpark classics while elevating your food choices to make the party a little bit more polished. Think about miniaturizing stadium staples and focusing on high-quality ingredients to make your spread ultra-appealing. For example, you can serve plates of sausage bites wrapped in puff pastry as a stand-in for hot dogs, and offer Sriracha-spiced peanuts to give this classic ballpark snack an extra kick.

Baseballs are an excellent motif to use for a variety of different party-friendly dessert items, too. Cake pops, cupcakes, sugar cookies and even mini strawberry cheesecakes can all get the white-and-red decor treatment to afford a sweet finish to your baseball baby shower.

Lace It Up: Decor

The iconic red-and-white look of a baseball and the wood grain of a bat make a fantastic starting point for your decor. Baseball baby shower decorations don’t all have to make overt reference to the sport, but a few touches here and there can be quite appealing. One cute way to incorporate ball and bat motifs is to paint canning jars with acrylic craft paint and use them as centerpieces or to hold silverware. For a baseball-inspired look, paint the jar white and use a small brush to add red stitching detail around the top and bottom. To mimic the look of a bat, use light brown as your base and use a small detail brush to paint on wood grain lines in a darker shade of brown.

Play Ball: Games

Baseball baby shower games can be low-key and simple, like a game of baseball-themed bingo. But you can also set up an amusing themed relay to delight your guests and amuse the parents-to-be. Try a baseball and baby shower mashup game by setting up a relay in which players have to hit a whiffle ball off a tee with a plastic bat, then run the bases. The catch is that, in order to proceed from base to base, the teams will have to successfully complete different activities before moving on.

For example, you can set up a diaper-changing station at first base, a baby-food-guess station at second and a bottle-chugging station at third. The team that rounds the bases the fastest is declared the winner at the end of the game. This activity gives the party planner freedom to pack a variety of different baby shower game classics into one event. The base challenges can be as silly as you’d like them to be depending on the atmosphere you’re aiming for. To spark some friendly competition, you can supply tickets to see the local baseball team play as a gift for the winning team.