Bath Essentials for Babies

Is it bath time yet? When you’re getting your infant ready for a warm, soothing time in the tub, bath essentials can be an incredibly useful part of the process. Perhaps you’ve researched the best skin care products for babies or you’ve stocked your bathroom with the best baby bath soap and shampoo. What’s next? It’s time to think about the essentials that will make your life easier once bath time rolls around. These ideas from Pottery Barn Kids will help in your quest to prepare yourself with useful baby bath essentials.

Bath Essentials

Tub Safety

One of the most important bath essentials for newborns is a small baby bath that doesn’t hold much water. While you’re still waiting for your baby to sit up independently, it’s wise to use a baby bath instead of a full-size tub. These small tubs can fit inside your bathtub, and they support your baby’s body and help keep them still as you bathe them. Some baby baths even have temperature gauges built in so you can tell whether the water is hot or cold with just one quick glance.

Floor Protection

One great way to stay comfortable while you’re giving your baby a bath is to have something soft and supportive to kneel on. Baby bath mats are a great idea; they can protect your knees while absorbing any puddles from splashing. This can make bath time even more enjoyable and keep cleanup to a minimum.

Warm Wraps

After you get your child out of the bath, wrap them up in something warm and absorbent so they can stay comfortable. Hooded towels, robes and wraps are a great choice for kids of all ages. Wraps don’t require you to get their little arms through sleeves, and you can lay the wrap out flat on your bathroom counter or changing table so you can swaddle your baby up and keep him or her cozy and warm.

Additional Towels and Wash Cloths

Even though bath wraps are an easy, cozy tool for drying your baby off after the bath, it’s still a good idea to keep a set of towels around. You can use towels to clean up spills or assist with drying your baby’s hands and feet while they’re all bundled up. Wash cloths are handy, too, letting you keep one hand steadying your baby at all times. You can even use one to quickly clean your infant’s hair.

Organizer Baskets and Other Storage

Storage baskets and buckets are super useful in all kids’ bathrooms, but staying organized is especially important when it comes to bathing an infant. You want to maintain your focus while your baby is in the water, so it’s helpful to keep everything you need well organized and within easy reach of the tub.

Making It Fun

When they’re young, infants might not be very interested in actively playing with bath toys, but even having a little rubber ducky to grasp or chew on can provide some fun and distraction for your little one. and help you get the bathing element all wrapped up. As babies get older and develop better hand-eye coordination, bath toys become even more fun! Even the most reluctant toddler might love hopping into the bath with some favorite toys.