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Baby Shower Basics: Choosing Decor to Make Your Party Pop

Baby shower decorations help create a welcoming ambience for a festive gathering of friends and family. And, there are so many enchanting decorations and baby shower supplies to choose or make! You have the opportunity to create the shower you’ve always envisioned, whether that’s something vibrant and fun or a serene soiree. These ideas from Pottery Barn Kids will spark your imagination and help you prepare for a wonderful baby shower.


Decoration Basics

Centering your decorations around a particular theme or color can give your baby shower a cohesive style – and there’s such a broad range of ideas that are yours for the choosing. Opting for decor with a color reflecting the baby’s gender is a perennial favorite, but calming neutral colors are also sweet options. Alternatively, you may prefer to select your decor based on motifs, such as animals, vehicles, seasons or any other theme that appeals to the parents-to-be.

With a theme in mind, it’s easy to combine baby shower decoration ideas and optional add-ons that create a great look. Essentials for getting the party started include:

  • Tableware
  • Centerpieces
  • Banners
  • Balloons
  • Favors
  • Hanging decorations
  • Table confetti
  • Games
  • Guest books or sign-in sheets

If you’re using the decorations on a single table, you can help every piece make an impact with its own flair. You’ll likely have a cake or dessert, so a cake stand or platter can also double as a centerpiece. A few banners and balloons create an instant party atmosphere. And baby shower centerpieces also make the table the focal point, especially if you add a flurry of confetti.

Placing Your Decor

Baby showers are usually smaller, more intimate affairs, often in a loved one’s home. You might not be able to make as many decisions about where you get to place things, but you can easily work with the space to create an inviting environment. It’s possible to dress furniture in simple yet effective ways, such as tying balloons to chair legs or draping a paper banner in front of the credenza.

Creating a logical flow to the room helps to put guests at ease too. For example, place by the front door so it’s the first thing guests see, and decorate a side table for gifts. If the mom-to-be is in the later stage of pregnancy, she may want to put her feet up – you can create a seating area somewhere comfortable so she can sit close to the main table.

Baby Shower Decor for Boys

Blue is the traditional color choice for baby shower decorations for a boy, but the shower is a fun opportunity to bring in some new hues. Other fun color combos and themes include:

  • Blue and green, for a fresh and vibrant atmosphere
  • Navy and taupe for timeless style
  • Red, navy and light blue, for a classic nautical look with a twist
  • Baby blue and chocolate, for some understated sophistication
  • Brown, red and black for a vintage theme

Baby Shower Decor for Girls

Pink is the most common choice for girl baby shower decorations, but there’s plenty of room for imagination and surprise twists:

  • Pink and ivory is classically elegant
  • Black and white delivers chic, vintage style
  • White and gold is a lively, bright blend
  • Red and black is modern and vibrant, and it works well for a ladybug theme
  • Fuchsia and gray mix for a delicate and beautiful option
  • Lavender is a great alternative to pink, with a fresh springtime feel

Gender-Neutral Decor

If you don’t know the gender of the baby, or the parents-to-be want to keep it a surprise – and perhaps make the big announcement at the shower – consider gender-neutral baby shower themes and decorations:

  • Decorations with a “Boy or Girl?” motif keep the guests guessing
  • Yellow is a traditional gender-neutral option and pairs well with green
  • Gray contrasts nicely with orange, purple and yellow
  • Aqua and red is an attractive option for a gender-neutral shower and also looks great for a boy or girl if you already know the baby’s gender

Fun Decoration Ideas

A baby shower is all about fun, so introducing decorations that get people talking and laughing is a good start. New parents need essentials such as diapers, and a diaper cake is a creative way to make these everyday products into the main attraction. You can even organize a “guess how many diapers are in the cake” game for some added entertainment. A stork centerpiece, or a festive candle, is a fun focal point for your table. Alternatively, consider a centerpiece of flowers representing the month of birth:

  • January-Carnation
  • February-Iris
  • March-Daffodil
  • April-Sweet Pea or Daisy
  • May-Lily
  • June-Rose
  • July-Larkspur/Delphinium
  • August-Gladiolus
  • September-Aster
  • October-Marigold
  • November-Chrysanthemum
  • December-Narcissus or Poinsettia

It’s easy to put together charming baby-themed decor as gifts that serve a functional purpose once the party is over. For example, a hurricane lamp filled with pacifiers is a bright centerpiece with a fitting theme, and it combines two gifts for the parents and the baby.

Party Favors

If you’re presenting guests with small gifts to thank them for attending, consider favors that double as decor to really make the most of them. Small photo frames, cute place card holders and tea light holders all look lovely on display and make wonderful take-home gifts for guests.

Decorating for a baby shower is a chance to display imaginative design and honor the new parents as they anticipate the arrival of their baby. This guide provides inspiration, but there really is no right or wrong way to throw a memorable baby shower for the parents-to-be! The varied and interesting styles of decorations for baby showers, from everyday essentials to glamorous centerpieces, make it easy and fun to find just the right decor.