7 Adorable Valentine’s Gifts for Toddlers

Celebrating a holiday with your toddler is so much fun! Whether you have a party with friends or do something with just the two of you, excitement ensues – and it’s contagious too. Once the major winter holidays are over, it’s time to look forward to Valentine’s Day and the enjoyable activities you both can enjoy as the year inches closer to springtime. And why not bestow a few colorful gifts upon your little Valentine to mark the occasion? There are plenty of fun Valentine’s gift ideas for toddlers that you can surprise your child with to make the day even more special. For some festive inspiration, check out these great ideas from Pottery Barn Kids!

Valentines Plush

Valentine’s Day Stickers

Collecting stickers is almost as fun as using them! If your little one loves these fun accessories, look for stickers that are made for Valentine’s Day, or simply choose sticker sheets that easily fit in with a Valentine’s Day theme. Consider red, white and pink stickers, perhaps with hearts, candy or even pictures of animals. Not only do they make a sweet gift for your child, but they’ll also look great on the Valentines that they give out to their classmates!

Graphic PJs

A pair of themed pajamas is a great way to help your child get excited about the holiday in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Plus, a pair of cozy pajamas will keep them comfy and warm if the weather is still cold where you live!

Charms and Bracelets

Surprise your toddler with some fun jewelry and accessories, such as a charm bracelet or necklace. Plus, this type of gift is something they can appreciate with every passing holiday. For instance, you might want to add a heart charm to the bracelet for Valentine’s Day, and let your child know they can add another charm come St. Patrick’s Day. Keep adding a charm for each holiday (and maybe even a little present-shaped charm for a birthday) and soon they’ll have a beautiful bracelet full of charms that’ll become a keepsake.

“Candy Hearts” Accessories

Many people look forward to having at least a few candy hearts every year and reading the new messages that come out. While the candies are great, there are related accessories that are sure to delight kids who might still be too young to have small hard candies. Look for heart-shaped crayons or stamps with messages such as “Be Mine” or “True Love.” They’ll make Valentine’s Day crafting with your little one all the more special!

Valentine’s Stuffed Animals

Similar to the charm bracelet idea, stuffed animals are fun items to collect for every holiday. Choose from bean-filled toys, plush toys or other stuffed animals that your child will love to snuggle with. Look for cute puppies and kittens or a Valentine’s Day bear holding a heart.

Sparkly Tights

If you have a girly girl in the house, she might be eager to get all dressed up for the holiday. In addition to a beautiful Valentine’s Day dress, your little girl can pick out a pair of tights that she’ll enjoy wearing with her special outfit. They don’t have to sparkle just red, pink or white – this is a fun opportunity to let her choose something exciting!

Art Supplies

This is a great time to give your child some art supplies so they can work on Valentine’s Day arts and crafts of their own to give to you or to their friends. Look for a fresh set of colored pencils, markers and crayons, and make sure there are plenty of other supplies on hand, such as safety scissors, construction paper and glitter.