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7 DIY Rope Shelf Ideas

Create storage space and add a fun, airy design piece to your child’s room with DIY rope shelves that fit any decor scheme. Rope shelves are a great addition to beach- and nature-themed rooms as well as those with a nautical or rustic touch. Making your own rope shelves is simple: Just drill four holes, then pull knotted rope through. Knot the rope together at the top, and then hang from hooks for a perfect style statement. Take your child’s room to the next level with our DIY rope shelf designs, ideas and decorating elements from Pottery Barn Kids.

7 DIY Rope Shelf Ideas


Rope to Suit Any Style

DIY rope shelves can complement any child’s nursery or room, whether your style mimics a rustic cabin in the woods or has a more contemporary, upscale look. Choose a wood finish that matches your furniture, such as bedside tables and dressers, for a cohesive, woodsy look. For a more calming space for your child to relax in, match your rope shelves to the paint and finish of tables or countertops in neutral shades. Opt for light-colored rope to create the look of airy fun, or choose a rich, deep brown rope color for a warm silhouette.


Frame Your Space

Use your DIY rope shelf to display memories of precious moments by proudly displaying picture frames featuring family photos and your child’s milestones. Track your children’s growth by making measurements on the side of the rope shelf so you can look back on how fast they’ve grown. Match a seaside baby nursery theme by selecting frames that feature seashells, or build on the rope-inspired nautical theme for your sailor with frames featuring lighthouses or navy and white sailor stripes.


Light Up Your World

Add a soothing and calming atmosphere to your child’s room with soft, warm lighting, including candles that you can display on your DIY rope shelves. Opt for flameless candles to avoid danger, and never worry about your child knocking it over. Add a burst of color with bold, vibrant hues such as orange and red, or choose calm color families with neutral creams and beiges. Create a nursery with traditional colors by opting for pale blue or pink candles.


Add Life to Your Rope Shelves

Invoke the essence of nature in your child’s room by using your rope shelves as a flower and plant display. Get your kids involved in cooking and create a complete teaching environment by displaying your rope shelf over the kitchen window. Use it to store fresh herbs so you can teach your child how things grow and introduce them to farm-to-table eating. Grow herbs and spices in containers so they can see the root systems and growth process. Stack children’s illustrated science books on the shelves and have your little helper guide you through simple projects.  


Ladder and Layer

Create a ladder effect with multiple rope shelves and make reaching things easier for your child by selecting baskets and bins. Choose woven baskets in rattan or rope designs to complete the look and add vertical storage. Keep your child’s most frequently used items on the ground levels for quick access. Vertical storage is particularly useful in small spaces, as it frees up floor space for other furniture and activities without sacrificing storage space.  


Dress Up the Bathroom

Add storage to your nursery or children’s bathroom with DIY rope shelves that let you store everyday bathroom necessities in a fun way. Stack or roll blankets and essentials for a pretty display that is also easy for you to access even when you’re carrying your baby. Create a toilet paper pyramid to display on the shelves so that your child can reach it easily when you start potty training. Store pajamas on the rope shelves so your child can get ready and dressed for bed all in one convenient spot.


Create a Study Space

A DIY rope shelf is an excellent addition to a study space regardless of your room’s size. Use DIY rope shelves to hold table lamps for a bright and practical addition to your child’s desk. Let your son or daughter color or work on homework and keep pencils, paper and art supplies stored in containers on the shelves. Keep everything organized with pencil holders and trays, which will help your child keep track of any homework that still needs to get done.