6 Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts the Kids Will Love

Every holiday is the right holiday for crafting, and that’s especially true for Valentine’s Day. It’s a great time to help kids enjoy hands-on activities during the cold-weather months when everyone’s cozied up indoors, and Pottery Barn Kids is here to help! These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are great to try on the day itself or on a snowy morning leading up to holiday. Most of these projects are simple and just require a little guidance. Whether your child wants to give the crafts away as gifts to their own personal valentine or you display each colorful piece proudly around the house, everyone’s sure to have a blast letting their creativity run wild.


Valentine’s Crayons

Do you have some broken crayons lingering around the house? There’s a terrific use for them, and it’s also an easy Valentine’s craft for kids! Simply peel the paper off of the crayon nubs, put a few pieces into each section of a heart-shaped silicone ice cube mold and bake them in an oven at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 minutes. Everyone can help by peeling off the pieces of paper and choosing the colors that go into each heart. Feel free to mix different colors together such as green, red and blue to make a bright, bold heart-shaped crayon, or opt for Valentine-related colors such as white, pink and red.

Pink and Red Paper Clips

One great gift idea for your child’s school teacher starts with finding a box of pink- or red-colored large paper clips. If you bend them at the midpoint and then repeat on the other side, it’s simple to make them heart-shaped. You and your child can box them up as a gift for their teacher or attach them to class valentines for everyone.

Handmade Stamps

There’s a wealth of premade stamps out there that you can use along with your great craft ideas for Valentine’s Day, but you might have an unlikely stamp right in your refrigerator’s crisper! Cut off the heart of a stalk of celery – now the bottom looks like a rose. You can do this with several stalks to create flower-shaped stamps that your child can use. Look for red or pink ink pads or tempera paint, and your little one can sit around the table and create their own special Valentine’s Day cards for friends and family.

Fun with Straws

It’s easy to make your own Valentine’s Day decor with some bendy or straight straws. For some extra Valentine-worthy flair, opt for red and white or pink and white straws, and bend each into the shape of a heart. Make several of these heart-shaped pieces. Then, take a piece of yarn or some twine and tie the hearts to it—it works well to space them evenly along the thread. You now have an easy garland to use as door decor or a fun swag to put up in your child’s bedroom.

DIY Picture Frames

If you or your child receives a heart-shaped candy box this year, don’t throw it away or put it in the recycle bin just yet – there’s a great way to reuse it! Cut out the bottom part of the box so that only the heart outline remains. Next, cut a piece of Poster Board that’s the same size of the candy box. Cut out a photo to size and fit it inside of the box. Then, attach the Poster Board with a little bit of tape or some glue. You now have a heart-shaped picture frame for your home. For a fun look, you can also take the lid from the candy box and glue it upside down on the back side to have two hearts with photos showing.

Toddler Tree

Do you have a youngster who loves getting creative with paint? Here’s a fun idea that lets them take finger-painting to new heights. Brush the bottom of your child’s arm in brown or neutral-colored kid-safe paint, and gently lay their forearm and palm onto a piece of white paper to create a their tree’s “trunk.” Next, cut out small heart-shaped pieces of pink, red and white construction paper; it’s also easy to do this with a hole punch. Glue these on after the “trunk” has dried for a Valentine’s Day tree to remember – it looks a bit like the cherry blossom trees that start blooming this time of year. Finally, put some Poster Board on the back of the drawing, and you now have a wall hanging to display for years to come!