5 Insanely Cute Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcements

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and not just the romantic kind. If your pregnancy or birth happens to coincide with this mid-February holiday, you have the ideal theme all lined up for your announcements. Announcing your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day is such a fun opportunity to get creative when you deliver this wonderful news to loved ones. Feel free to get crafty with one of these ideas from Pottery Barn Kids.

Valentines Hearts


A Family of Hearts

You can use hearts to represent each member of your family, including the new arrival, to make a cute holiday-themed announcement. If baby makes three, cut out two large hearts and one small out of decorative scrapbooking paper in any color or print you want. If you have other kids of different ages, give them scaled-down hearts that are smaller than yours but bigger than the baby’s. If you don’t know the baby’s gender yet or don’t want to emphasize that information in your announcement, use a color other than pink or blue for the little heart. Arrange these heart-shaped cutouts in an appealing way, perhaps with some labeling or a caption, and glue them to cards.


Conversation Heart Poetry

Have you ever seen those magnetic poetry sets that can be displayed on refrigerators? You can use conversation heart candy for a similar effect in your Valentine birth announcements. The words and phrases on the hearts change from year to year, so buy a big box and see which ones best suits your style. Messages like “smile,” “love bug,” “be happy,” “best day,” “true love” and “cutie pie” are all fantastic options. Use them along with written text to create a coherent message for your announcement. You can also use the back sides of the hearts to spell out individual letters with a fine-tipped marker to create a custom message.


Fantastic Photos

Using photos for your pregnancy reveal is a super convenient approach – you can post your pictures to social media, email them out to family and even print and mail them to friends and relatives who may prefer a physical photograph. You can adapt this idea to suit the Valentine’s Day theme by using some creative, holiday-themed decor and incorporating hearts into the message part of your announcement photos.

Consider setting up a lovely Valentine’s backdrop in your house using tissue paper pompoms and other V-Day decor. Use felt, fabric or paper to make a banner or garland spelling out your message. It could be something simple like “We’re Pregnant!” or something a little more detailed like “Expecting Our Baby This August!” Whatever message you choose, you can keep the Valentine’s Day theme going by using the pink, purple, white and red color scheme throughout the photo. Use heart-shaped cutouts for each letter on your garland or add some heart detailing to your banner, too.


Classic Rhyming with a Twist

The classic rhyme of “roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you” is a simple, instantly recognizable Valentine’s Day card text that you can adapt to make a written pregnancy announcement. Think of something that rhymes with “blue” – “due” and “you” are great choices, but there are tons of other possibilities. Perhaps your last name rhymes with “blue,” which you could use to make a rhyme like “Roses are red, violets are blue, get ready to welcome the new baby Wu!” “Two” is another great rhyme for “blue,” which you can use to make sweet Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements for a second child or a set of twins.


Sonogram Surprise

Make a fun gift for the future grandparents and other close family members and friends by presenting sonogram photos in Valentine’s gift packaging. Feel free to get creative – use a decorative heart-shaped chocolate box and cut out printed copies of the sonogram photo to fit into the box. When the recipient opens their gift, they’ll get a delightful surprise.