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5 Healthy Easter Basket Fillers

Are you searching for creative Easter basket ideas this year? Pottery Barn Kids can help with some inspirational fillers that make Easter baskets as healthy as they are fun! Including healthy treats and toys creates a wholesome foundation for your day of celebration. Plus, you’ll show your child that it’s possible to enjoy a healthy lifestyle even when you’re celebrating!

Easter Basket & Toys


Dried Fruit

Healthy ideas for Easter baskets can still be sweet! Dried fruit pieces are small, chewy and similar to candy – plus there are so many tasty, nutrient-packed options to choose from! You can find lightly sweetened or even all-natural flavored dried fruit that tastes great without any artificial sweeteners. You can also find fruit covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate, which has more healthy antioxidants than milk or white chocolate. To keep things interesting, try varieties of dried fruit your child may never have tasted before, such as dried peach, pineapple or even papaya!


Healthy Carrot Cake Muffins

Stealthily sneak some veggies into their basket in a fun and flavorful way. This low-sugar recipe features a lightly sweetened cream cheese frosting and gives your child a (healthier) cupcake experience. Use whole wheat flour for an extra dose of wholesomeness, and apply a thin layer of frosting on top for some zing.

You can also make your carrot muffins Easter-ready with some pastel sprinkles or a single colorful candy piece on top. You can even make the frosting look like a bunny or create designs using a piping bag filled with melting chocolate. Draw on the bunny’s face with your melted chocolate and use pink sugar to fill in little details such as the nose and inner ears.


Homemade Candy

To avoid artificial ingredients and sweeteners, try making your own Easter candy. You can use all sorts of shaped candy molds – think bunnies, flowers and eggs, for starters – and purchase candy melts or make your own chocolate. A recipe that uses cocoa butter, cocoa powder, vanilla and the sweetener of your choice is quick to whip up. You can even make homemade peanut butter cups or marshmallow treats by painting the inside of your mold with chocolate and adding homemade marshmallow fluff or all-natural peanut butter. Just paint another layer of chocolate over the filling, and stick your molds in the fridge until they harden!


Petite Sweets

Consider using cute plastic Easter eggs to give your youngster appropriate portions of bite-sized sweets. They can enjoy them throughout the day—or week—to keep the Easter magic alive.


Toys as Treats

Your child will be so excited to receive a basket filled with goodies delivered by the Easter bunny, himself. If you want, skip the food and treats altogether and make your healthy Easter basket fillers more activity oriented to get your little one jumping and playing. Athletic toys like jump ropes and paddleball sets are great ways to get your little one up and running around. Toys, art supplies and stuffed animals are other fun ideas that children are sure to adore.