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5 Father's Day Activities for Kids

Make it a day Dad will never forget. When kids are in on the Father's Day fun, the celebration becomes that much more special. Children love to be a part of the planning process, so give them a chance to be creative. These five Father's Day activities for kids will ensure that everyone (especially Dad) has a fantastic and memorable day.


Take Dad "Shopping"

A day or two before Father's Day, take the kids to the grocery store to pick out some yummy treats he loves. At home, they can store them in their play kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids. When Dad wakes up on his special day, hand him a shopping basket and have him pick out his favorite snacks, then take them to the cashier who will tell Dad the treats are on the house!

Play Hide-and-Go-Seek with Gifts

Sure, it's fun to sit around the table and watch him open his gifts, but imagine how cool it would be to send Dad on a treasure hunt. The gifts do not have to be elaborate; the idea is to hide them in clever places, such as a toy chest. To make the game even more intriguing, kids can come up with a list of written clues that may be helpful (or may have Dad scratching his head and laughing).

Put on a Show

Sometimes being silly is a good thing, especially when it comes to entertaining the adults. Have Dad take a seat on the rug and prepare for jokes, impressions and funny songs. A tent makes a great dressing room for kids. After the show, invite Dad to the kids' table for refreshments.

Write a Book About Dad

Have the children sit at their desks and make a colorful and thoughtful book all about their Dad! Carefully punch holes in the pages of the book, and tie them together with shiny ribbon. Wrap the book as you would any present, and hand it to Dad on Father's Day.  

Let Dad Make a Mess

A great Father's Day activity for preschoolers is to invite Dad to paint, make paper cutout dolls, build something out of Popsicle sticks or be a part of your pots-and-pans band. Encourage your little ones to get as creative and crazy as they want! Maybe it's an activity they haven’t done with Dad for a while, or an entirely new experience altogether! Or, perhaps it's something he used to do as a kid. When the fun is over, be the one who says, "Let's clean this up." Return toys to storage bins and throw away items you can't reuse.