5 DIY Valentine’s Card Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday for kids, and watching their enjoyment makes it even more fun for you! What could be better than celebration, tasty treats and feeling the love from classmates and family? There are some wonderful, creative opportunities on deck for this loving holiday, and that’s why it’s such a great idea to make homemade Valentine’s Day cards! With some colorful paper, kid-friendly scissors, markers and accents like glitter, lace and feathers, your children can spend some time making homemade Valentine cards for all of their friends, teachers and family members. Use these DIY Valentine card ideas from Pottery Barn Kids to find inspiration and help your children express their sweetness on paper.

Valentine Lollies


Delicate Doilies

It’s easy to start making Valentine’s Day cards with kids when you have great craft materials on hand. Lacy doilies act as a great blank canvas for crafting pretty cards without a lot of prep work. Get some white paper doilies in the shape and size of your choice – you can even find heart-shaped doilies to suit the Valentine theme. Gather all of your craft materials and help your children spell out some sweet messages that they can then decorate with all the craft supplies. You can also set up an organized decoration station with your various craft accessories in baskets. Consider keeping messier things like glue, glitter and scissors in a special basket near you so you can assist kids when they want to use these tools and materials.


Cookie Cutter Stencil Shapes

Cookie cutters make great craft tools, and you can help your kids make an artistic masterpiece using cookie cutters as stencils. Pick out large, simple Valentine’s shapes, including hearts, arrows, and some letters. You can choose letters like XO or LOVE to stay on theme, but feel free to mix in some other letters and shapes, too. Let your kids use pencils to trace around the cookie cutter shapes on printed or colorful paper. Then use scissors to cut out their shapes and glue them to another piece of paper for a collage-like effect with different colors and patterns. The kids can then use crayons, markers or paint to write Valentine messages on their collages.


Fruit and Veggie Stamps

Those old potatoes and celery bunches you have stored in your pantry or fridge can be surprisingly effective art supplies. Have your kids watch as you cut potatoes in half and then push a mini cookie cutter into the center. Cut a thick slice around the cookie cutter, leaving the shape in the center of the potato intact and, there you have it: a potato stamp for the kids to dip into paint and press onto paper. You can also take a full celery bunch and slice it off the ends close to the base. Dip the flat edge of the celery into paint and press it lightly on paper; it’ll make a fun flower shape that the kids can then decorate with leaves and stalks.



Use Valentine’s Day candies to make cute cards that your kids can give as gifts for their whole class. You can attach lollipops to a butterfly-shaped card or use a small, bite-size rectangular chocolate bar to make up the body of a robot. Let the kids decorate with googly eyes, markers, glitter and stickers to make their candy-grams extra special.


Pretty Paints

If you have some artsy older kids, you can help them learn a little bit about colors by letting them mix their own shades of red and pink. Get some acrylic craft paints in red, blue, yellow, white and black along with sponges and paint brushes plus a few paper plates or paint mixing trays. And don’t forget a few cups of water for rinsing brushes! You can use cellulose kitchen sponges and heart-shaped cookie cutters to trace out heart shapes and cut them out for stamping. When you have your supplies all set, demonstrate how to make pink with the white and red paint and purple with the red and blue. Then let your kids experiment with color mixing and use heart-shaped sponge stamps and other crafty play supplies to make customized cards with their very own paint shades.