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4 Tips for Naming Twins

What's more exciting than choosing a baby’s name? Choosing two names! Having twins is an exhilarating time that offers twice the fun, but you may be wondering how to name your twins. Parents often want to celebrate the shared similarities between twins while maintaining their individuality. Keep reading for some fun suggestions from Pottery Barn Kids.

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Choose a Shareable Idea

Selecting your twins’ names based on a theme can provide a subtle connection while letting you personalize each name. Some parents look for twin name ideas from a certain historical period. For example, many names from the Victorian era are popular again, like William and Abigail. Alternatively, you might consider choosing a theme that’s personally meaningful to you. For example, if you cherish memories from travel, how about choosing names of cities you loved, like Aspen and London?

Share Initials

Another creative idea is to give twins the same initials. If you go this route, you might consider varying the rhythm or sound of each name. For example, Ava and Alexandria have different cadences so everyone will know which child you’re talking to. Do you plan on using one diaper bag for both babies? A personalized diaper bag displaying their shared initials is a fun way to celebrate both of their names.

Honor Family Members

You might want to name children after family members, such as two or more grandparents. Having two babies makes it easier, and your children will always have a special connection to the family member they’re named after. You could even honor that relative further by creating a special page for them in your child’s baby journal.

Let Older Siblings Help

If you have older children, letting them help choose the babies’ names gives them the opportunity to participate in the excitement and share in your joy. Some couples who are having same-gender twins choose the babies’ names and let the older sibling assign the names to each specific twin. Or, if you’ve narrowed down a list of middle names that you and your partner both like, you might ask your older child to select the twins’ middle names from your short list. This ensures you’re happy with the names but allows your child to make a meaningful contribution. Another way to get older children involved is to buy personalized books featuring the babies’ names that they can give to the twins when they are born. They’ll love reading to their new siblings!

Tips for Celebrating the Rest of the Family

Since your twins will most likely receive lots of gifts and attention once they arrive, a special gift for your older child is a thoughtful idea that can ease their anxiety? Children love having their own personal spaces, and a personalized teepee will offer privacy for quiet playtime while the twins nap. A Keepsake for You Remember yourself in all of this excitement! Regardless of what you name your twins, you’re sure to take a plethora of pictures. Personalized picture frames that display your babies’ first year are keepsakes you’ll treasure for years to come.