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3 Easter Breakfast Recipes Your Kids will Crave All Year Long

Easter is a special day for kids, so how about hopping off on a great foot by making a memorable breakfast on the big morning? From bunny-themed food to some perfectly sweet treats, these Easter breakfast ideas from Pottery Barn Kids might just become classics your little one looks forward to every year. Take a look through these easy kids’ Easter breakfast ideas for inspiration, and get ready to make a meal to remember!



Bunny Breakfast Burrito

This one is so easy – and so cute! Whip up a breakfast burrito using a whole wheat tortilla and any fillings the kids love. Scrambled eggs, ham and cheese create a classic combination, while eggs with a little pizza sauce, mozzarella and Canadian bacon make for a pizza-like filling. Once you have the burrito rolled up, it’s easy to decorate it to look like an Easter bunny. Plate your stuffed tortilla and begin transforming it into a bunny by using food to draw on features. Use sliced olives for the eyes, ketchup or salsa for the nose and plain Greek yogurt or sour cream for the tail. For a finishing touch, push two tortilla chips into the burrito to serve as ears.

If your kids don’t eat eggs, try a sweeter version filled with peanut butter and banana, or even a classic peanut butter and jelly! There are plenty of variations when it comes to decorating, so feel free to get creative. Almond butter, granola, fresh berries, yogurt, whipped cream cheese and chocolate chips are all fun and tasty additions!


Chocolate Egg Pancake Bake

What’s even tastier than bread pudding? Pancake pudding! This recipe gives a classic dish a fun, Easter-breakfast twist by using pancakes and chocolate eggs for a touch of sweetness and fun. To whip up the pudding, stack sliced, small pancakes in a baking dish and top with a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon. Let the mixture sit in the refrigerator overnight, and then bake it. If you’re satisfying a sweet tooth, sprinkle chocolate egg pieces (or chocolate chips!) over the top of the casserole right when you take it out of the oven.

To speed things up, you can make the pancakes ahead of time and freeze them for up to a week before putting the dish together. Store-bought frozen pancakes can save even more time. There are a lot of different variations you can use for this creative Easter breakfast for kids, too. Try experimenting with waffle slices or cinnamon roll chunks in place of pancakes. It’s also easy to double or even triple your recipe for a larger crowd. For every 6 cups of pancake or waffle, add a mixture of 1.5 cups of milk, 3 eggs, 3 tablespoons of sugar and some dashes of cinnamon, salt and vanilla extract.


Bunny Breakfast Scene

Using everyday ingredients for your recipes will make your family breakfast even more special. For this breakfast, all you’ll need is your creativity, a plate and some tasty breakfast fare, including scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and a couple of powdered sugar doughnuts.

With your ingredients on hand, you and your kids can dream up any scene you want to depict on the plate. Perhaps you’ll place create a sun and clouds with scrambled eggs and Greek yogurt. Maybe you’ll create some grass with sautéed spinach and bacon. Just don’t forget to include the Easter bunny! That’s where the powdered sugar doughnut comes in. It’s easy to create a bunny face on the pastry: use a pink jelly bean for the nose and two pieces of blue candy for the eyes. You can also use cut doughnut pieces for the ears. When your bunny has its face, decorate the plate and set the bunny doughnut in the middle of the scene!