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3 DIY Pom Poms to Liven Up Your Nursery

Colorful and whimsical, pom poms add instant pizzazz to any room. And they're an especially sweet touch when used to liven up your nursery, where they're sure to bring a smile to your baby's sweet face. Whether you choose to use bright colors to personalize your baby's decor or neutral tones for a soothing effect, these fluffy gems offer versatile, textural appeal. Plus, they're easy to make on your own. String them like garlands, hang them from the ceiling or glue them onto a wooden letter for a pom pom personalized monogram. Pottery Barn Kids has three DIY pom pom variations for the perfect finishing touch for any nursery.



Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Much like the pre-made pom poms you might find in craft and party stores, these delightful gems are fluffy and colorful. Get a pack of tissue paper in multiple hues of the same color for a chic, tonal effect, or opt for complementary colors that pull out some of the colors in your nursery bedding to create a cohesive look in the room. To make one pom, stack 10 sheets of tissue paper together and fold the pile back and forth like an accordion, making 1-inch-wide or 1.5-inch-wide folds. Tie a 6-inch length of string around the center of the folded paper and cut the ends off. Fluff the pom pom by fanning it out and pulling each strip up at a 90-degree angle, one at a time. You can change the look of your pom poms by cutting the ends into different shapes, like rounded or pointed ends.


Tulle Pom Poms

Grab a hardcover book from your bookcase, a 25-yard spool of 6-inch-wide tulle in your favorite color for each pom pom, string and scissors. Wrap the tool around the hardcover book approximately 30 times. Slide the material off the book and tie a 6-inch string in the center of the tool to secure it. Cut the ends off and fluff the pom pom before hanging it as desired. For fuller pom poms, wrap it 40 times. For larger or smaller pom poms, use a larger or smaller book.


Yarn Pom Poms

For a slightly different take on the pom pom craze, try your hand at making yarn pom poms with a pom pom maker, rigid card or your hand, and yarn in varying sizes and colors. Follow the instructions that came with the pom pom maker, or wrap the yarn around the card or your hand. The more you wrap the yarn, the fuller the end result will look. Once you have the yarn at the desired size, slide it off the wrapping surface and tie a 6-inch piece of yarn around the center to secure the pom pom. Pull all the threads up and out and trim the pom pom until it's perfectly poofed. Try gluing it on cardboard or wooden shapes or letters to create three-dimensional, personalized pom pom art for your baby's nursery or to use on a special gift.