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3 Comfy Nursery Rockers All New Parents Need

When it comes to spaces for newborns, few rooms in the house are as special as the nursery. It’s a place that holds fond memories for parents and children, alike. All of the hours spent gently rocking your baby to sleep, observing their innocent face and sharing tender moments together are something you can treasure for the rest of your life. One way to make sure those times are as wonderful as possible is to have comfortable seating around the room. A cushy chair soothes your muscles and helps you relax while feeding and cuddling your baby. Pottery Barn Kids offers many different styles to meet your and your baby’s physical and emotional needs. Check out our helpful guide for finding the ideal nursery rocker.

Emily & Meritt Rocker & Ottoman

Different Kinds of Rockers

There are three main categories of rocking chairs: traditional wood rockers, modern upholstered rockers and glider rockers. Each offers certain advantages. When choosing the one that’s right for you, there are a few factors to consider. The size of the room, your design vision, the number of small children you have and what you find most relaxing can all enter into the decision.

Great Modern Rockers

Modern rocking chairs still bring a bit of tradition into their design. Essentially, they’re large loungers with curved bases or rails for rocking. The result is extremely soft seating. Sink into soothing comfort while singing your baby to sleep. They also provide a great opportunity for customization – you can choose upholstery that looks great with the rest of the nursery.

Gorgeous Glider Rockers

Glider rockers have a firm base that always stays in contact with the ground – it isn’t curved like the rails on traditional rockers. A glider moves from front to back without the up and down motion of a typical rocker. One big advantage is that they’re silent when in motion, so your baby can stay asleep. When you’re deciding how to choose the best rocker glider for you, look for something that fits your space and has the features you want. For example, some models recline and swivel for even more opportunity for motion and comfort.

Essential Gliding Ottomans

Many gliders are designed specifically to work with a gliding ottoman. Your feet will be able to rest while your whole body sways gently back and forth—helping you to relax while maintain a comfortable posture and position for your baby. Plus, gliding ottomans are lightweight and can work well as standalone pieces that can be moved around the room.

Nursery Glider Comfort

One of the most important qualities of any glider or rocker is how comfortable it is. Soft, thick cushions are heavenly when you stay seated for extended periods of time. Oversized padding and wide armrests offer additional support for your neck, back and arms. Some rocking chairs also recline, which is great for a quick nap close to your newborn’s crib.

Nursery Glider Safety

Rocking chairs with curved bases add a warm feel to the room. However, if you have several toddlers running around, you’ll still need to keep an eye on everyone while you’re feeding the baby. Gliders are a safe option because they reduce the risk of pinched toes or fingers. Many gliders even come with a locking mechanism that prevents them from moving when you’re not in the room.

Nursery Glider Easy Cleaning

Babies are slightly messy by nature and that’s okay! One way to protect upholstered furniture is to use a stain-resistant slipcover. Many slipcovers – like Everyday suede and washed linen cotton – are safe for machine washing. That means effortless cleaning in case of any spills.

Consider the Ambience

Besides comfort considerations, the shape and material of your glider also matters. They determine how a room feels, both to you and the baby. You can easily tailor your rocker to your nursery design. Lighter fabric colors and pastels work well in white nurseries, creating a spacious and soothing atmosphere. Deep wall colors and furniture add warmth to the space. Golden lighting from sconces or a table lamp make the space even cozier.