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Neutral Rugs

In your search for interesting and exciting color theme’s for the home, chances are you’ve run across design experts who recommend neutral tones. What’s all the hype about? How do neutral colors work? And most important, are they appropriate – or cool enough – for a kids’ room? Check out Pottery Barn Kids’ neutral rugs 101. Here’s why they’re a great idea for bedrooms and beyond.

One thing interior designers love about neutrals is they’re so easy to work with. There’s always a spot for another layer of neutral in a room’s design layout. So no matter what color your child’s bedroom is right now, or what style of bedding they have, a neutral rug is practically guaranteed to fit in seamlessly. And a few years down the road, if you feel like switching color themes, guess what? That same neutral tone still matches! That’s why hues like gray and cream are so popular.

Beyond just being easy, neutral colors are also a lot of fun to play around with. They’re not limited to a single combination, so adding several different colors is totally doable. A gray rug and lavender, purple and gold accents in a room all come together for a gorgeous floral-inspired space. Or try a hint of melon, cream, chocolate – the colors, not the food – and mint. They transport your child to a Mediterranean island location. Decorate with ocean art and seashells to pique their curiosity.

What colors fall into the neutral range? Well, the main stars are shades of gray and brown. Depending on the amount of red or blue they contain, neutrals can be warm or cool. Rooms usually look most comfortable with a mix of both. Of course, your creative palette goes way beyond those two colors. Pastels like aqua, lavender, light blue and pink are all on the list, along with bright white too. Choose a rug in any of these colors as a foundation for the room’s furniture.

One popular option for girls and boys is the all-white bedroom. White is fresh and inspiring. It’s easier to wake up with a positive attitude in a white room, especially if it has a lot of sunlight too. A supersoft wool rug treats little toes to cloud-like softness. All they have to do is hop out of bed, pop on some slippers and they’re ready for breakfast. A few bright colored decorations add a sense of fun to an all-white space.

Warm grays and light blues have a calming effect on youngsters. That’s a big help when it’s time to study or take a nap. A baby blue rug and gray duvet cover invite kids to climb up on the bed and relax. Use a navy blue or red decorative pillow for the right amount of excitement. Besides their rug and bedding, you can use lamps, light fixtures and even colorful books as accents.

Neutrals make great support pieces to balance out strong wall colors. If your children’s bedroom is dark blue or bright pink, for example, having a few softer tones creates a full palette that appeals to the eyes. White bedding with floral motifs and a light pink rug is a wonderful option.

To create a bedroom that’s affectionate and intimate, focus on light shades of brown and red. Wood furniture or flooring is very cozy. A cream-colored rug or something woven from natural fiber makes kids and adults feel safe and warm. Add a couple of family photos or pictures of friends, along with your little ones’ favorite stuffed animals. When they need to stay extra toasty, a fuzzy blanket does just the trick .

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors and neutrals together. To create a beach bedroom where kids enjoy summer, surf and sun, try a white or cream-colored rug along with tropical decorations. Dark blues lend themselves really well to nautical themes. Bright blue, green, pink, yellow and purple create a coastal vibe. If you have a large backyard, set up an inflatable pool where they can splash around and cool down. Or grab a bright beach towel and head to a lake or water park.

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