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Kids’ Sleepover Gear

Ah, sleepovers. A time when kids can truly unwind, have fun, play games and just be themselves. Whether your little one is heading off for the first time or the 50th – or having friends or cousins stay over – having the right gear makes their experience even more exciting. Cartoon pajamas let little ones slip off to slumber when the festivities are done, wrapped lovingly in a familiar sleeping bag in their favorite color. With options like Star Wars and superhero sleep essentials, they’ll tote their gear into the party proudly. Give your kids the confidence they need to enjoy a night away at their grandparents’ or a friends’ home with our collection of kid’s sleepover gear.



Every good sleepover starts with setting up sleep areas. Give your child the gift of a brand new sleeping bag and make those first moments even more special. Our collection of sleeping bags is incredibly diverse, covering everything from animals to well-known cartoon characters. Have a little princess within your home? Sateen rabbit bags let her slip into sleep in absolute comfort. Have a little prince instead? Fur animal hood sleepers snuggle your little one in and give him bedding fit for royalty, no matter where he is. Both styles come in a range of colors, including blue and pink. Shaggy head sleeping bags and stuffie bags even come with a teddy bear built right in, sized just right for comforting little ones who may be away from home for the very first time. Going camping in the spring or summer months? A faux fur sleeping bag keeps your child swaddled in loving care while they dream of fantastical fairies and woodland creatures in their tent.


Spending time together on long weekends, over the holidays or even just spending the day at home on snow days calls for long, lazy moments relaxing around the house. What better to wear than an ultra-comfortable pair of matching pajamas. At Pottery Barn Kids, we offer PJs for both kids and parents, so you can match on special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthdays. Holiday-themed green, red and white PJs make Christmas morning joyful, while superhero themes give little ones confidence when heading out to a sleepover. Need something suitable for any occasion? Try warm flannel pajamas in colors like midnight sky blue, bold bright red, soft lilac purple and soft pink. Shopping for yourself, or maybe grandma and grandpa? Select from youthful and fun patterns like Star Wars and holidays, too.


Keep tender tootsies warm at sleepovers with snuggly-soft faux fur booties in pastel shades. Simple ankle boot styles slip over tiny toes in seconds, making them easy for even the littlest toddlers to slip on by themselves. Jaunty cotton critter slippers slip on easily and come with adorable little fur-lined ears, smiles and other cute features. For the whimsical and fantasy-oriented child, unicorn and butterfly slippers let them dance around supported by their favorite creatures underfoot. Is your child more safari-minded? Consider alligator or shark slippers instead.


Having a sleepover and movie night? Cuddle kids up in Star Wars themed sleeping bags and make it even more special. Available in characters like Chewbacca, R2D2, BB8 and Darth Vader, these exciting sleeping bags feature graphic overlays of the same features that made the original movie characters so thrilling. Chewbacca even has a faux fur exterior in a rich brown color and a patterned cross strap that mimics his gear, while the Darth Vader bag features an upper outline that highlights the villain’s mask. Each has a quilted blanket surface for clearer details and better warmth, is filled with lofty polyester batting and is finished with a sturdy running stitch that ensures it holds up to play.