Mix-and-Match Lamp Bases

One of the most fun parts of decorating a child's room is designing a space that encourages play and reflects your child's individual personality. Whether you're decorating the room for the first time, adding some finishing touches or freshening the look , mix-and-match lamp bases and shades to add character to the room that your child is sure to love. For example, if your little one loves stars and planets, how about pairing a metal vintage-style base with a constellation shade? The industrial look of the base combined with the constellation shade creates a distinctive look and inspires creative play. Alternatively, if your child prefers a softer look, how about pairing a mercury glass base with a pastel beaded shade to create a sense of gentle elegance?


Lighting is a bit like clothing. Layering usually creates a more polished and put together look. While lamps are important for task lighting, overhead lighting is important for general activities and brightens the space. Choosing lamps and overhead lighting that complement one another creates a finished look and provides your child with the necessary lighting to meet his needs. A railroad-themed lamp and brightly colored shade combined with a metal fisherman flushmount light adds vintage-like charm to the room. A candlestick-shaped lamp base and pink beaded shade combined with a pink chandelier softens the room and adds whimsy. Placing a floor lamp in another area of the room, such as a play area, removes shadows and adds warmth and richness to the area. A neutral base with a shade that complements the room's colors gives the room a lived in look. As your child grows, simply change the shade to update the look. If your child still loves to cuddle in your lap and read stories, placing a comfortable armchair or rocking chair in a corner of the room next to a floor lamp creates the perfect space for the two of you to snuggle and read bedtime stories at night. You're bound to make wonderful memories together in this very special space.


Add a rug that complements the lighting, defines the space and creates a cozy environment. When choosing a rug, neutral solid colors usually have a calming effect on the room and bright patterned rugs liven up the space. Playroom rugs that detail paths and roads encourage hours of fun and play.


Of course, mix-and-match lamp bases have the ability to complement bedding beautifully. If your child loves dinosaurs, a dinosaur lamp base and brightly colored shade combined with a dinosaur quilt creates a Jurassic look that not only pulls the room together, it's also sure to be a space in which your child enjoys playing. A white elephant lamp base and softly colored lampshade combined with pastel-colored elephant bedding creates a cheerful and inviting space.


Children's lamps don't have to be limited to the bedroom. Creating a special nook for your child is a great way to encourage them to read. A child's size soft chair, end table, lamp and bookcase full of her favorite books, positioned in a quiet corner makes the perfect reading space. Child-sized chairs come in a variety of colors, fabrics and textures. Picking a lamp and chair that complement one another and reflect your child's tastes attracts them to the space. Adding a blanket and special stuffed animal ensures many happy hours of reading in their special space.


Children's lamps are also perfect for playrooms. Consider placing a lamp at a craft table for activities that require a little extra light, such as puzzles, putting models together or painting. Then, sit back and enjoy watching your child play and grow.