Kids’ Lighting

Make your child’s room bright and inviting with stylish lighting options including chandeliers, table lamps and floor lighting. You can also give their room a warm glow at night by adding a nightlight. Pottery Barn Kids has a wide variety of lighting options to choose from, in dozens of different styles ranging from fun and playful to classic and elegant.


Chandeliers provide a steady overhead light that illuminates an entire room. Our chandeliers come in an array of sizes and colors, but they all feature high-quality materials. Some of them have a single light bulb in the center, while others have an array of light bulbs to cast the light over an even wider area. Most of these chandeliers need to be hardwired into the electrical system of the room.

Table & Task Lamps

If you want to add extra illumination your child’s play table or desk, a table lamp is the perfect solution. Many of these lamps feature playful shapes including animals, cars and airplanes. If you want a light that you can focus on a specific area, a task lamp with a bendable neck is a good choice. Table and task lamps come in a variety of colors, so it is easy to find one that matches the decor of your child’s room. The majority of our table lamps plug into a standard wall outlet.

Floor Lighting

Floor lighting works well for adding ambient light to a room with an overhead light, but they also work as the primarily light source in a room that does not have overhead lights. Most of our floor lighting features a long stem that puts the light source up high enough to illuminate a large area. Some of these lights feature colorful lamp shades, while others do not require a lamp shade. Some have a stationary light source, and others have an adjustable neck so you can aim the light in a specific direction.


If your child likes a bit of illumination at bedtime, a nightlight is the perfect solution. Our nightlights feature decorative plates in front of the light bulb that help to diffuse the light and create a gentle glow that fills the room. Some feature animal shapes, and others have popular characters from movies such as Star Wars™.