The best window treatments for reducing light and sound.

The Perfect Window Treatments for Kids

Explore how window treatments can transform your child's bedroom in just a single step. With colors, patterns, textures and levels of dimension that add sophistication and playfulness to your decor, you can update a room for the change of seasons or redecorate to match new furniture and bedding. Give every window the same love and attention as you give your other decor and accents for a space that children will be excited to call their own. From hardware to shades and blinds or any kind of curtains, well-made window treatments are here to enhance your kids space quickly and easily.

How to Style Curtains in Kids Rooms

With different kinds of window treatments, you can have fun creating different looks in your kids' rooms. Learn a few basics, like how to measure curtains or quick hardware installation tips to discover how these basic decor elements can elevate a space instantly.

  • Go long and clean with minimalist drapes. Choose ones that have grommet tops or loops behind the main fall of the curtain so that you don't distract from smooth lines with curtain rings. Pick long drapes for this look.
  • Let a bit of fabric pool on the floor in homes with hardwood or tile. If you use area rugs in your home, it's standard to leave a border of flooring visible at the edges of the room. This is the space where finely made curtains can puddle gently for impact.
  • Valances are coming back into fashion with classic styles that last season after season. To keep it kid-friendly, check out big bows to add some fun to straight edges.

Finding The Features You Love

When selecting your window treatments, you can start by shopping for the features you know make your children's rooms as comfortable and stylish as possible. Each room has its own decor atmosphere, so how you pick your treatments depends on the aesthetic of your home.

  • For an upscale look that older kids are bound to love, try Roman shades. This is a chic way to decorate a youthful room. You can also use them behind curtains.
  • Blackout curtains are great for rooms that get sheaths of sunlight. When you want your kids to sleep past sunrise, keep these curtains closed to maintain control over light in the room. They're also great for helping maintain air conditioning or heat, because they're thick.
  • Ruffles add a sophisticated look but keep it age-appropriate in gorgeous colors and thick layers that still feel fun. Look for ruffles at the curtain's edge or an allover diamond ruffle pattern for something truly unique.

New Hardware Styles for Windows

Hardware adds a more fixed style to a space. While you can certainly trade rods and finials as often as you please, many people keep the hardware on the window and trade out drapes or curtains. Make your decision based on how often you like to redecorate.

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