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Upscale Kids Curtains for Beautiful Bedrooms

Make the most of every detail in your kids bedrooms with kids curtains that are designed to match and enhance the aesthetics of youthful decor. These curtains add elements of sophistication while still handling a basic need to cover windows, create privacy, filter light and keep rooms temperate. When you choose window hardware that fits with furniture and accents, like lamps or rugs, you can have fun switching curtains out seasonally or updating nursery curtains as your baby grows. Check out the high-quality range of curtains, shades and more at Pottery Barn Kids today.

Decorating with Window Treatments

Decorating your kids bedrooms with window treatments adds depth, color, texture and beautiful lines that impact the overall aesthetic.

  • Choose full-length curtains to create a chic look that contributes a hint of drama without overwhelming your other decor or furnishings. These kids curtains are great for rooms with big windows or homes where rooms can use a little extra help with insulation to keep the ambient temperature as you set it.
  • Sheer styles lend a bit of whimsy or romance to a room. They're great when you want to filter light, but have privacy, like with a window that faces a fenced backyard or is located on the second story or higher. You can layer sheers with other styles of curtains, but you'll need two rods or a special double rod.
  • Play with color and texture to enhance your other color and texture choices, like sheets, quilts, rugs and wall art. By selecting a base palette and highlighting with accents, you can change your kids room up seasonally or whenever the mood strikes.

Types of Kids Curtains to Shop

A variety of kids curtains and other window treatments are available to embellish bedrooms in a matter of minutes. Find the kind you love best and bring them home today.

  • Blackout curtains are amazing for controlling the amount of light in a room. These let kids sleep a little later during bright mornings on summer vacation, plus they add warmth to a room in winter. If you live in an urban setting with street lights or have a neighbor who illuminates their yard, these curtains are perfect.
  • Roman shades offer a clean, minimalist look that can add a touch of elegance to a child's room. This style of shades pulls upward and folds into itself for a lightly curved look that shows from the front. They look great when installed inside a window frame.
  • Shades and curtains pairs together to create different layers of light and privacy. Use shades for dressing kids or letting them relax on their own with a book or device. Draw the curtains back to let light into the room in afternoons. The choice is yours as the day continues.

Selecting Window Hardware for Kids Rooms

Prepare windows for curtains by shopping first for window hardware. Include rods, finials and curtain rings in your selections. By choosing hardware that matches the room, you can give yourself room to experiment with different curtain styles.

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