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Toddler Bed Conversion Kits

Kids are constantly growing. Although the changes that go along with it can lead to some humorous situations, turning into a toddler is a momentous occasion for your baby. You can’t help but beam with pride as your child takes his or her first step. The fact that your child is learning to walk means that the whole world just got a little bit bigger. Your toddler’s creativity and imagination also take off by similar leaps and bounds. At Pottery Barn Kids, we know you want the transition from baby to toddler to be an exciting and positive experience for your child. Our toddler bed conversion kits accommodate both kids’ growing bodies and the dimensions of their bedroom.

First of all, what’s the difference between a toddler bed and a twin bed? For one thing, toddler beds are smaller than twin beds – usually about 27 inches by 52 inches – purposely designed to be a comfortable size for little kids. Twin beds generally have dimensions of 39 inches by 75 inches. The mattress for a toddler bed is the same size as one for a crib. Those narrower measurements help them to fit easily into a bedroom or nursery of any size. Toddler beds also sit closer to the floor.

How do toddler bed conversion kits work? Basically, they give you the accessories needed to transform your child’s crib directly into a toddler bed when the time comes. The exact format varies according to the style you choose and your personal preferences, but most toddler bed conversion kits give children a bed with a headboard, footboard and different configurations of side rails. Some toddlers like a full side rail on one side, and a half rail on the other while other kids prefer an opening in the center for maximum protection from accidental falls while they sleep.

Some crib conversion kits go all the way. They effortlessly transform into toddler beds at an appropriate age and then into a twin bed later. One thing that helps when planning for growing kids is to get the conversion kits for a crib from the very beginning. That way everything’s ready to go when the time comes and adjusting the crib with hardware specifically made for it is easy. Another tip is to keep your crib’s assembly instructions in a safe place so they’re easy to find. Want an even more effortless transition from baby to toddler? Dual-purpose mattresses cater to both baby and toddler in the same mattress. One side is especially firm to keep babies safe and the other is extra comfortable for little kids.

At what age are kids ready to leave the crib and enjoy a toddler bed of their own? Well, each child is different. That decision is totally up to you and your toddler and usually involves factors like his or her personality, how inquisitive he or she is and whether or not there’s another baby on the way. Some parents with adventurous youngsters who keep trying to climb out of the crib opt for a toddler bed as early as 18 months for added safety. Other parents prefer to wait until kids are age 3 or older.

Should you go with a crib and toddler bed conversion kit or just head straight to a twin bed for your child? This is a common question asked by parents, and the answer has to do with your personal preferences, what makes your children feel comfortable and the size of their bedroom. One advantage of a toddler bed is that its lower height makes it easier for toddlers to learn how to get into and out of bed on their own. The guard rails also give them an extra sensation of security. With a twin bed, mom and dad have the option of lying down with their kids to read a story or cuddle.

Another reason some kids love their toddler bed is it’s a friend they’ve known from birth. Everything from bed sheets and plush toys to favorite blankets and decorations stay the same. That can comfort kids emotionally when making the switch. Plus, an enclosed sleep space is especially cozy for them.

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