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Kids’ and Baby Outdoor Furniture

Kids have an innate love of exploration. As their brain develops, they eagerly take in every inch of their surroundings, staring excitedly at bright colors and grabbing anything that captures their attention. It’s not hard to see why children feel a strong affinity with the outdoors. Blue skies and green grass provide a great backdrop for countless adventures. At Pottery Barn Kids, we know that watching your kids have fun outside makes you happy too. Our Kids’ and Baby Outdoor Furniture keeps children comfortable and creates many opportunities for play. Here are a few reasons being outdoors is good for kids.

First, backyard activities contribute to keeping kids healthy. True, there are plenty of ways for children to stay active inside your home, too, but being outdoors really lets them unleash pent-up energy. Running, jumping, playing tag and tons of other games all give your kids developing muscles a workout. That promotes strong bones and muscles and reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity or heart disease. Plus, having a natural outlet when they’re full of energy can be very relaxing for moms and dads too.

Being outside is good for kids – and parents – when it comes to creativity and emotional well-being also. Fresh air boosts their self-esteem, eliminates stress and promotes happiness. Sharing some lemonade – especially if they helped you make it – and listening to what your children’s budding imagination comes up with can become one of your most treasured memories. No matter the size of a backyard or patio, kids can make it come to life with stories of pirates and buried treasure or jungle expeditions.

Is it safe for babies to be outside? Well, it’s good to double-check with your pediatrician to be sure, but many experts say yes. Comfortable weather has a safe, relaxing effect on them as it does on you. Their eyes light up at all the new sights and sounds. What about dirt? Well, many health professionals believe that some exposure to nature is actually good for babies since it builds up their immune system.

What kind of kids and baby outdoor furniture can you use to create the backyard play space of your children’s dreams? That depends on their favorite activities. Soft chairs open up a world of possibilities since young girls and boys can have friends over, play party games and do pretty much anything else they can think of.

If you have an outdoor pool or slide that your kids love – or just an area where they can have fun with your garden hose and toss water balloons – Adirondack chairs for kids give them a place to kick back afterward and snack on some straight-from-the-oven cookies.

The outdoors also give you a terrific spot to let your kids go crazy artistically. Playroom tables are a way for kids to get creative indoors, but outside they can experiment to the max without fear of spilling paints on the carpet. Blank paper, canvas or sheets give them the opportunity to paint with anything they want, including hands, feet, noses or their whole body. You can even fill water balloons with child-safe paint and watch them mix art and excitement at the same time.

Having their own chairs let your kids feel like part of the action during family get-togethers, like sitting around a pizza oven and munching on fresh pizza. Another awesome idea that children and adults remember fondly is backyard movie night. Bring some blankets for everyone and some fresh popcorn while you laugh together under the stars. Some hanging lights add to the adventurous mood. Afterward, kids love to curl up in a tent in their bedroom and feel like they’re on an African safari.

Staying safe from sunburns and ultraviolet radiation is easy to do. It often means just heading outside a little earlier in the morning and avoiding the warmest hours of the day. Wide-brimmed hats, sunblock and sunglasses are a stylish way to take care of kids at the beach. Chairs with umbrellas give them a place to go when they need a little shade.

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