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As a parent, you do a fantastic job caring for your children both physically and emotionally. They feel loved and happy. Did you know that your efforts also have a huge effect on their brain development? Even babies and toddlers benefit a ton from the time you spend with them: playing, singing songs, reading with them, teaching them to recognize shapes, colors, letters and numbers, and taking them to visit interesting places. At Pottery Barn Kids, we understand how much you value your children’s education. How can you create a space dedicated to knowledge, learning and innovation that your kids love? Including desks and chairs in their bedroom is helpful. Here are a few additional tips and ideas.

No matter what furniture a study space or bedroom has, you can always make it feel comfortable for kids. When your kids are relaxed, they learn more easily. Think of their brains like a day at the beach: when the weather’s nice and sunny, everyone is excited to swim, play around and stay active. A positive environment sparks your child’s curiosity, creativity, problem-solving skills, language skills and imagination. Once that happens, the sky’s the limit.

Things like artwork, friendly colors – blue, green, orange, purple and white are some possibilities – and warm furniture tones all help. Each child is different, so as long as kids are happy, you know the room is a resounding success. Another way to put children at ease during study time is to make space for a quick snack every once and a while. A glass of juice or some crackers helps kids equate education with fun. Plus, healthy foods actually give their brains a boost, so it can be easier for them to tackle their homework with ease.

Since there are many different styles of desks and chairs available, it’s not hard to find ones that fit your child’s room theme or preferences. If you want to give your little girl a room fit for a princess, go for it. Elegant white desks with gentle curves – or desks that double as a mirrored vanity – definitely play the part. If your boys dream of being jungle explorers, match the dark wood of their bunk bed with a dark and mysterious desk. That way the whole room feels like one big adventure.

How can you fit a desk into a small bedroom? If your child has a cozy room, don’t worry, there are lots of ways to make space for a desk. One way is to go with a mini desk. It takes up less floor space than a normal desk, but still has plenty of room for kids to stretch their legs. It basically does for study what espresso does for coffee: the same innovation and excitement, but in a smaller package. The top surface easily holds things like a laptop and school supplies.

Another idea is to use a storage bed in the room. Storage beds have lots of drawers included in the same amount of space. With no need for a separate dresser, there’s space for a desk instead. In some bedrooms, you can position a desk at the foot of the bed. A loft bed takes advantage of vertical space in the bedroom. It boosts kids up to the second floor, leaving a large area below for shelves, a desk and play space.

There is pretty much no limit to the places you can put a desk in your child’s room to stimulate creativity and imagination. In a large bedroom, don’t be afraid to go diagonal to turn a desk into the focal point of the room. With toddlers, for example, an art table is usually one of their favorite parts of their playroom. They get to draw, color, paint and build pretty much anything they can think of.

You can also position a desk to take advantage of bedroom windows for illumination and excitement. That can be a great idea, since fresh air and light encourage a positive attitude. Roman shades are awesome for taming intense sunlight and cutting down glare while still filling the room with brightness.

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