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Furniture Collections

Kids appreciate all the love their parents show them. Hugs, kisses and moments spent together are all ways you tell them how important they are. Newborns can sense your touch and immediately feel relaxed and safe. Even before a child is born, parents eagerly prepare a cozy nursery to welcome their baby into the world. As youngsters grow, designing a room where they’re happy and healthy is just as important. Our furniture collections make it easy for moms and dads to create a harmonious bedroom style that reflects a little bit of your personality and a little bit of theirs. That way, it’s like you’re there watching over them even while they sleep. Here are few possibilities.

Madeline Collection

The Pottery Barn Kids Madeline Collection is fit for a princess in every respect. It’s designed to let your little ones be a part of their own fairy tale. Furniture with a white finish looks breathtaking with ivory, lavender or pink walls or bedding. One highlight of this collection is a canopy bed just like you’d expect in a luxurious palace. There’s also a play vanity where kids can let their imaginations soar even more. Little girls can brush their hair, try on jewelry just like mommy wears and maybe even have some fun with children’s makeup.

Blythe Collection

Tufted headboards in every piece give this collection an air of vintage chic. Youngsters are treated to luxury and elegance as if they lived in a sprawling mansion filled with artwork, tapestries, gardens and marble tile. The Blythe Collection features a charming carriage bed and a canopy bed for extra opulence. Stylish accent tables give your little one a place to keep his or her private items and all the stuffed animals, dolls and action figures desired.

Elliot Collection

If your home has a relaxed feel, the Elliot Collection brings that same vibe to your son or daughter’s room. Sharp corners and simple lines give it a modern look. It’s designed to be comfortable and laid back, creating a space where kids can focus on just being themselves. A loft bed with a desk and storage shelves underneath lets your child work hard and play hard to the heart’s content.

Reese Collection

Some kids are born with an artistic flair. They love to listen to music, dance, finger paint and color from an early age. It is likely your kids inherited that excitement and enthusiasm from you. With the Reese Collection, you can encourage their creative gifts with bedroom furniture that features neutral tones, distinctive shapes and a retro vibe.

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