Kids Mirrors To Make Rooms Bigger and Brighter

Give your kids rooms a bigger, brighter look with the thoughtful use of mirrors. Kids mirrors can be stately, sweet, whimsical or high-style to add a fresh look to a bedroom or nursery. With an incredible selection of frames available, you can choose from burnished gold, wooden ball frames, Baroque-influenced styles and the most minimal of designs to simply reflect the room. These mirrors are designed and scaled especially for your children's spaces, but they're good looking enough to use anywhere in your home.

Using Mirrors in Kids Rooms

Shop for kids mirrors to make a room look bigger, give your kids a space to check out their reflections or to reflect back furnishings you love. There are so many ways to hang and enjoy stylish mirrors.

  • Place mirrors at kids height, so they can get used to checking out their hair or arranging their clothes neatly.
  • Put them over bedside tables so that kids can have fun creating tableaus out of toys, figurines, flowers or their table lamp.
  • Decorative mirrors complement other decor. For instance, a rainbow mirror looks amazing with a rainbow sheet set or colorful layers of throw blankets or a rainbow stack of shelves.
  • In a compact nursery or bedroom, hang your mirrors so that they make the room look bigger. Try across from a window or door, or if you can catch a glimpse of hallway that can enlarge the look of the room, too.

Hang A Nursery Mirror

A nursery mirror may be as much for you as for your baby, but have fun hanging one for decor's sake. Just like it can make a child's room look bigger, it can do the same for your nursery. You can hold your baby in the mirror, too, to start to help him or her develop self-awareness. Hang one by the crib or a rocking chair.

Designer Mirrors

Discover designer mirrors to add an extra touch of panache to your kids' rooms or nursery. At Pottery Barn Kids, a number of lifestyle designers and influencers have created or curated collections for you to shop.

  • Check out Emily and Merrit mirrors. This best friend duo designs clothing, paper goods and home decor, including cute mirrors.
  • For a mirror that matches your own decor, shop Monique Lhuillier's mirrors. The revered bridal designer brings her signature sense of romance to her designs.
  • If you love the tropical preppiness of Lilly Pulitzer, her mirror may be exactly right for your child's nursery.

Have fun decorating with mirrors to see a new side of your kids room or nursery.

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