Kids Sleeping Bags to Inspire Slumber

Make naps and slumber parties all the more fun with kids sleeping bags that feature upbeat characters, bold colors, soft materials and a whimsical new approach to rest. Whether your children need their sleeping bags for festive sleepovers or you want to set up a relaxation area for sleep or centering themselves at home, you'll love the playful options available now at Pottery Barn Kids. Check out nap mats to make kids feel like they have a place to lay down or snooze in the middle of an exciting day or bundle them up in their own bag and blanket sets. With kids sleeping bags like these, getting them to recharge is more appealing than ever.

Creating a Welcoming Nap Area

You can create a peaceful home by designing a rest area for your children that convinces them naps, personal breaks and quiet time are just as desirable as racing around outside or playing with devices. In fact, you can create an alcove that allows for books or devices by placing kids sleeping bags centrally for them to enjoy.

  • For younger kids, naps are an important part of the day. As a parent or caretaker, you may not always want to make up the sheets and blankets multiple times a day, though.
  • Find a sleeping bag or nap mat that attracts your child to an area that feels personalized and scaled to their needs. Offer a little privacy or keep them connected to the rest of your home by including blankets, tents, toys or more.
  • Match pillows with sleeping bags, especially if you've chosen a theme like Disney princesses or other beloved characters. These accessories can travel during sleepovers, too.

Sweet Takes on Kids Sleeping Bags

The creativity of designers informs a new wave of kids sleeping bags that are modern in color, silhouette and aesthetic, so that you love integrating these pieces into your decor. Meanwhile, the use of characters, patterns and cushy materials makes them welcoming to your kids.

  • Check out animal themes for sleeping bags and nap mats. Look for the classic comforting animals, like puppies or bears, but also have fun with fantastical creatures like unicorns.
  • Enjoy different color schemes that fit into a modern home overall, like a mid-toned gray shark mat or a black and white panda character. Black, rainbow colors and other updated looks are right on the mark for stylish homes.
  • Personalize mats or bags to help kids feel connected to their spaces for rest and to give them something to show off to friends at slumber parties.

Nap Mats and Blankets for Your Kids

When you begin to rely on a nap space for your kids' relaxation, you may find the mood at home changes dramatically. Bring kids in on the fun by selecting kids' blankets or lighting together to complement the area you've designated.

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