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Organic Kids’ Bedding

Make bedtime a comfortable time for kids with Pottery Barn Kids’ selection of organic bedding. Organic bedding for kids is eco-friendly and is particularly helpful for kids with sensitive skin. We have a large selection of designs and styles of sheet sets, duvet covers and pillowcases to create a complete bedding look your child loves. Choose a color that ties in with the rest of the room’s decor for a cohesive look. Consider purchasing two sets you can use on a rotating basis. This allows you to constantly offer fresh, clean sheets and fun looks that keep little ones engaged. Go one step further and add one of our decorative pillows to the bed. Get a bold pillow design to infuse playfulness into the room by selecting one of our kid-friendly designs that include animals, bright colors and monogrammed options. Choose a pillow that reflects your kid’s personality, and they’re sure to be delighted. Everyone has their preferences, but your little one may also prefer to have multiple pillows on the bed. Get matching pillows, or mix and match between our many designs for a unique look.

In addition, remember to grab a bed skirt to complete the bed’s overall look. Bed skirts are easy to install and are helpful when covering up toys, shoes and other goodies you might be storing under the bed.

Speaking of decorating beds, add a quilt to your bedding options for added comfort. Quilted bedding is great to have on hand for any weather. Our quilts are well-made and can last for years of love. These pieces work well as an added layer of warmth in the winter months, and you can also use them on their own during the breezy summer months. Your child can even take them around the house for an impromptu nap or two

On the other hand, if the kids are headed out for a sleepover, ensure they are cozy with a sleeping bag. We have a fun variety of sleeping bags that appeal to both young boys and girls. Take a look at our movie- or super hero-themed sleeping bags. These feature the kids’ favorite iconic characters while also providing a nice night of sleep. Or, take a peek at our animal-themed sleeping bags. We have sleeping bags with stuffed animals that are integrated into the bag, which offers a fun and comforting sleep. It’s always helpful to have extra sleeping bags on hand for those last-minute unexpected guests. In the summer time, use these sleeping bags during backyard camping sessions. They also make great extra blankets to have on hand in the playroom.

To further jazz up any bedroom, add one of our rugs. Rugs are ideal for hardwood flooring, so kids can enjoy a soft place to walk on. They also offer additional warmth and sound-dampening qualities in a raucous playroom. They are great for carpeted spaces as well because they provide an extra layer of protection from accidental spills. We offer many colors, designs and sizes so it’s easy to find the best fit for your child’s bedroom.

And for the kids who may be afraid or unsure about the dark, make bedtime easier with one of our night lights. These are easy to install in any room and can be helpful for when kids wake up at night and need to navigate their way to the bathroom. Place them by the bedroom door, or even install a couple throughout the room to give a soft, warm glow at night. For finicky sleepers, it’s also easier to calm them to sleep by slowly dimming the room’s lighting. Use a small lamp for the bedside story, and then turn it off and leave the night light on until your child is ready to drift to sleep.

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