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The Joy of Swaddles for Newborns

Babies loves swaddles. The word refers to both the blankets and the state of being swaddled--or wrapped so securely that, in most cases, all stimulus tends to fade and your baby becomes peaceful and happy. There's an art to swaddling, a way to do it safely and quickly, that has been enjoyed by both babies and their families for generations. The intrinsically safe feeling of being swaddled inspires parents everywhere to offer their baby this experience. Discover the charming selection of swaddles and other baby blankets available at Pottery Barn Kids right now to share the primal joy of being swaddled with your infant.

Why Babies Love Swaddles

Babies get into the soft, cozy feeling of swaddles right away, especially when you choose high-quality swaddles and other baby blankets to wrap them.

  • The softness of a swaddle is highly appealing to both babies and parents. Look for ones that are made of organic cotton muslin for the ultimate in touchable breathability.
  • Many materials are certified to be free of harmful substances, so you can feel good knowing your baby's delicate skin is safe while he or she enjoys being wrapped.
  • Since swaddles are square, there's a tucking method that parents use to keep babies feeling good while protecting their limbs and joints. The square blanket makes the method easy to do.

Swaddling As Second Nature

Swaddling is second nature for many babies and parents. The act of being tucked and held securely feels right to babies, while parents love how calm and peaceful their babies feel.

Once babies grow up a little more, you can give them room to move their arms around in wearable blankets that have holes just like a sleeveless tank top and a zip pouch for their legs and feet.

This continues the swaddling feeling as babies transition into more exciting motion in their daily lives.

Choosing Swaddle Sets

Once you get into the habit of swaddling, you and your baby are bound to love it. Make the most of the ancient technique by ensuring you always have plenty of swaddles around. You can select them in sets of three, so that patterns and palettes match or choose a stack of several, so that you can use these cozy blankets every day.

There are so many styles to browse. Look for your favorite characters or franchises, like Star Wars™ or other iconic designs. Soft metallic touches, animal scenes, geometric patterns and more add to the joy of swaddling.

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