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Baby Blankets for Every Occasion

If there's anything parents of infants know they need, it's a stack of baby blankets. Keep them draped over the crib, over the arm of occasional chairs in the nursery, by the changing table and in closets around your home. It's not unusual to go through a blanket or more each day, so ensuring you have as many as you need makes life easier and more streamlined. Take the time to select your favorite colors, patterns and textures. Shop different styles and silhouettes, like swaddles or wearable blankets for staying home, going out or spending time with visitors. Baby blankets make lovely gifts, too, so let your family know if you find a style you love and be sure to treat your friends to a few for their babies when the occasion arises.

When You Need Baby Blankets

As a parent or caretaker, you can use baby blankets all day long. From the time your baby wakes up in his or her crib until it's time to return to slumber, there are plenty of opportunities for snuggling, swaddling, staying warm and feeling cozy.

  • Enjoy the use of a blanket as you and your baby get ready for the day. A blanket can help keep his or her sensitive skin feeling temperate as you prepare the changing table or decide what to wear for the day.
  • During feeding, wrap your baby lightly in a blanket to rock or hold him or her. This can help your baby feel settled while you breastfeed or offer a bottle.
  • Use blankets to create layers of soft cushioning during tummy time or other playing. Drape the blanket over a rug, line it up over a play mat or use a few to create a soft spot to relax or soften a corner.
  • After a bath, a blanket can be a nice way to transition from a towel to a new outfit or pajamas. Bundle your baby up in one for a soothing experience.

Choosing Blankets and Swaddles

Discover the difference between blankets and swaddles to see if you might enjoy using both. Many parents use swaddles with newborns or younger infants, while older babies like to practice moving around and may not stay swaddled.

Swaddling is when you wrap a baby extra tightly in a blanket that allows for a special folding technique. The swaddling keeps their limbs tucked against their body for a feeling of safety that keeps them calm.

Wearable Blankets for Extra Coziness

Another style of baby blankets you might enjoy using with your baby is the wearable blanket. This pouch zips up the front and has armholes for babies who like to feel cozy while moving around a bit more.

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