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Crib Bumpers To Line Your Baby's Crib

Protect your baby during slumber or play when you line your crib with crib bumpers. These soft, stuffed pieces of fabric are designed to match your entire nursery's decor and be changed when you switch out bedding or more or less frequently as needed. They're easy to use, keep your baby safe from the hard material of crib rails or open slats and lend an extra touch of decor to a carefully appointed baby bedroom. Look for gorgeous details like ruffles, pintucks, patterns, binding or more. Every parent loves having several on hand, so if you're looking for a baby gift, this could be it. For your own baby, browse now to discover the different styles of crib bumpers you can bring home today.

What Are Crib Bumpers?

Crib bumpers are both a functional and a decorative item. They're essential to your baby's safety and protection against the strong surfaces of crib rails or corners, but they also let you have a lot of fun once you start to dress your crib to complement your nursery.

  • Crib bumpers are long, rectangular pieces of fabric that line the inside of the actual crib. They are just high enough to allow your baby to move around without concern for bumping up against the crib, but low enough to allow visibility.
  • The bumpers tie onto the rails of the crib using ribbon or cloth ties. This is a simple way to change them out and adjust them as required to fit your crib perfectly. Just wrap one ribbon around one side of a rail and the other ribbon around the other side and tie a knot or bow. Do this along the perimeter of the crib.
  • Your bumper is the first thing you remove when undressing the crib and the last thing to put back in once you have fresh sheets arranged.

Choosing Bumpers to Match Your Bedding

Many crib bumpers match baby bedding sets exactly, while others coordinate across a range of your favorite bedding, so that you can mix-and-match colors, patterns and styles. Feel free to reverse your bumpers every now and then to show off a solid or pattern on either side of the crib.

  • Soft colors and pretty patterns can inspire your baby to begin identifying elements of the world around him or her. Contrasting colors can provide something new to watch, too.
  • Look for an abstract pattern in a shade that matches the rest of your nursery palette. For instance, if you love a lot of nature-themed bedding or baby toys, you might love a leaf-inspired bumper in a jungle green to match lots of what you already have.
  • Try the luxurious feel of linen in a soft take that filters in light and lets your baby have a little more visibility outside the crib.

Trading Out Crib Bumpers

Many people trade out crib bumpers when they change sheets, but you can also use yours for a little bit longer. While you may leave crib skirts on for awhile, keep an eye on bumpers to decide when you need a new one. Just like other bedding, you always want your bumper to be fresh.

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