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Shop Kids Pajamas at Pottery Barn Kids

Cute is a must-have, number one, top-of-the-list priority when you're shopping for kids pajamas. Of course, you also want to make sure that your kids are comfortable and able to sleep through the night whether it's a sizzling summer or an ultra-cold winter.

At Pottery Barn Kids, you can find kids pajamas for every part of the year. You'll also find a wide range of looks that both you and your kids will absolutely adore. Stock up today so you've always got a clean set ready to wear.

What Kids Pajamas Can I Buy?

You've got your bedding down, now you just need to make sure your kids are ready for bed on time! With kids pajamas from Pottery Barn Kids, you can load up on classic styles and fun, whimsical options for every night of the week. Here are some of the go-to pajama styles you can find online and in our stores today:

  • Classic cotton pajamas. Ideal for spring, summer and those warmer fall nights, classic cotton pajamas are breathable and comfortable for kids. Find colorful styles like red, pink, blue, green and more. An assortment of fun prints and patterns is available as well.
  • Flannel pajamas. Cold nights when you need to break out the heavy blankets require warm pajamas. Kids flannel pajamas from Pottery Barn Kids are an excellent choice. Available in stylish patterns or solid colors, these are the perfect pick for the holiday season too.
  • Themed-pajamas. Kids can be picky about what they wear. With our themed pajamas, their passions can be part of their wardrobe! Featuring prints from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney movies and more, this collection is a smart buy for any parent that wants to bring a smile to their child's faces. You can also find sports and hobby-themed pajamas if those are better fit for your child's interests.
  • Tight fit pajamas. Bunched-up material can make it hard for kids to get comfortable and sleep through the night. With our tight fit pajamas, you can get a super cute look while helping your kids rest when they need it most. A variety of styles, color schemes, prints and themes let you pick the perfect option for every kid on your list.

Shop Pottery Barn Kids today to find a huge selection of pajamas in materials like classic cotton, toasty flannel and more. Our assortment of Disney and specialty pajamas will ensure that your kids will always look forward to putting their pajamas on too.