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Kids’ Tunics and Cover-ups

Be prepared for any type of situation at the beach or pool this summer with our wide selection of kids’ tunics and cover-ups. Whether you’re just trying to limit exposure to UV rays or your kids need a little bit of warmth post-swimming from the chilly sea air, our soft cotton tunics and cover-ups easily accomplish both. Not only are these comfy, cheerful getups ideal for summer beach weather and poolside fun, but they also work well simply around the house as loungewear, so kids remain comfortable in one of their favorite outfits even on a rainy day. Search through the designs and kid-friendly motifs on kids’ tunics and cover-ups from Pottery Barn Kids.


Available in several sizes to accommodate children from toddler size through to older children, the majority of tunics and cover-ups available feature a 300-gram weight to add just the right amount of warmth when you need it after a cool swim. Made of a polyester blend or 100 percent cotton, these tunics are soft with a little bit of stretch to add to the comfort level. The interior lining is especially soft, with a 100-percent cotton construction so kids never feel scratchy material against their skin. Topped off with a hood to help block UV rays and a pocket to carry items, these tunics are ideal for the beach, park or even sleepwear on a chilly summer night.


Tunics and cover-ups are also available in a variety of designs that kids are sure to love. From adorable butterflies to snappy alligators, there’s a design sure to fit any child in any age group. In lieu of animals, you can also choose from striped colors as well in blues, pinks and more. Cover-ups add slightly more coverage than tunics, so keep this in mind when choosing what’s best for your child. A tunic can easily double as playwear or beachwear any time of year, while a cover-up’s length works well to block the sun’s rays and to warm up after a chilly swim.


Add a significant, special touch to your child’s tunic or cover-up by adding personalization. Most tunics and cover-ups have the ability to be personalized with up to nine letters, allowing you to use your child’s name, initials or another word that’s meaningful and thoughtful. All of the tunics and cover-ups are also machine washable, for easy cleanup after a long beach day or a hearty swim.