10 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

When decorating kids' bathrooms, it's important to create an environment that is relaxed, organized and free of clutter. Having everything you need within easy reach is the key to making bath time less stressful and time-consuming. To help you create a well-organized space, we at Pottery Barn Kids have rounded up the following storage and organization hacks for children's washrooms. Keep reading for our top 10 kids' bathroom storage ideas.

1. Hanging Sand Pails

A set of three sand pails can be strung together to create a playful organization unit. To make a hanging tower of sand buckets, simply remove the handles from three buckets and thread an all-purpose clothesline through the holes on the sides, leaving around six inches between each bucket. After threading the line through the last bucket, tie the clothesline into a knot and hang the finished storage unit from a hook on a wall or door. The buckets can be used to store bubble bath bottles, sunblock, hair brushes and other toiletries.

2. Sink Pedestal Skirt

If you have a small bathroom with no cupboards, you can create a storage area under the sink by attaching a skirt to the pedestal. Choose fabric that matches the style of the bathroom to cleverly hide baskets or storage bins from view.

3. Cupboard Door Storage

The insides of cupboard doors are great places to hang organizers for cotton swabs, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other bathroom supplies. Free up counter space by using adhesive pads to attach various-sized storage units to the backs of your medicine cabinet and cupboard doors.

4. Wall of Baskets

Wire and wicker baskets aren't just great for floor storage. They also make great floating shelves. All you need is a drill, some drywall anchors and a couple of screws to turn baskets into cubby storage units that can be used to keep towels, washcloths, bath toys and soap organized. Wall baskets work especially well in smaller bathrooms that are being shared by multiple children, as they provide each child with a central place to store personal items.

5. Over-the-Toilet Storage

Maximize the vertical space above your toilet by either installing floating shelves or using a standalone over-the-toilet shelving unit. Even a narrow storage shelf can help you free up valuable counter and cupboard space. There is a wide range of over-the-toilet storage solutions available, from free-standing cabinets to floating pipe shelving.

6. Monogrammed Towel Hooks

Hanging personalized hooks on the wall is a great way to encourage children to hang up their towels instead of leaving them in a wet pile on the floor.

7. Storage Step Stools

Step stools are essential items in children's washrooms, but did you know that they can also double as storage boxes for bath toys and other bath necessities? Personalized step stools with built-in storage help kids feel more independent while motivating them to clean up after bath time.

8. Bookshelf

If space allows, place a small bookshelf in the corner of the bathroom to create extra space for storage and organization. Bookshelves are a great alternative to installing wall shelving units and they can be repainted or decorated to match the bathroom's furnishings.

9. Ladder

A brightly-painted ladder can make a unique and easily movable organization unit. Ladders with rungs are ideal for hanging face and body towels, while ladders with full steps can be used to organize folded towels, toilet paper and bath products. You can even turn a ladder into an over-the-toilet storage unit. Simply remove the lower steps or rungs and lean it against the wall over the toilet to create a rack for hand towels or shelves for toilet paper.

10. Pocket Shoe Organizer

A pocket shoe organizer hung on the inside of the shower or the back of the bathroom door can provide convenient storage space for bath puffs, bath toys, washcloths and other items that need to be hung up to dry properly.

A well-organized children's washroom can mean the difference between a relaxing bath time and a chaotic one. The above ideas should help you create a clutter-free space that will turn bath time into an activity the kids will look forward to.

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