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How to Clean a Duffle Bag

When planning and preparing for travel, first-timers and globe-trotting individuals alike can all agree on one thing: there are many, many different types of trips and you should always pack accordingly. One of the most important aspects of packing for your upcoming stint away from home is evaluating just what kind of luggage your destination calls for. Duffle bags are an ever popular option for people everywhere because of their no-fuss-no-muss nature.

If you're a parent packing for your kid, the sheer convenience of holding all of the traveling essentials is incredibly attractive. At Pottery Barn Kids, there's no shortage of options to match every child's personality. The only question remaining, then, is how to ensure the duffle bag of your (or your child's) choice lasts a long time? The trick comes down to proper care and maintenance. Here's a guide to what to do to keep your duffle bags in top-notch condition for years to come.

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Steps for Cleaning a Duffle Bag

One of the great perks of duffle bags is how mobile and compact they are--traveling with them is a breeze and putting your bag away at home is even easier. Still, they collect grime and suffer the effects of wear and tear like no other type of luggage. For this reason, it's important to observe the following tips:

Step one:

Even if there are a few big stains you want to remove above all else, it's important that you give your entire duffle bag a good scrub when you get down to cleaning it. Remove all items from inside your duffle bag, including all of your clothes, shoes, toiletries and even sheets of paper with your travel information that you might have forgotten. Even for the briefest of cleaning regimens, you'll need an empty bag before you can get to work.

Step two

This step depends on what material your duffle bag is made out of. Pottery Barn Kids carries a selection of durable and high-quality polyester and canvas duffle bags. For these types, it's crucial that you take care not to use abrasive chemicals when wiping it down. Clean with a smooth rag, water and mild soap. Remember, there's no need to drench your bag to get the job done. Only use as much water as needed.

Step Three

After you've cleaned the overall bag, it's time to spot check. Laundry detergent does the job well and can help you get the trickier stains out. Remember not to be too aggressive when handling the duffle bag, however, so you don't accidentally rip it.

Step Four

Avoid using a laundry dryer machine on your duffle bag. A blow dryer on a low setting can make for a quick dry. Alternately, you should opt for air drying. Take care never to put it away wet or even moist, because doing so might compromise the fabrics and fibers and leave your bag with an unpleasant smell.

Step Five

Before folding your bag to store, spray the inside with an air freshener. That guarantees a clean fragrance for when you have to use it next.

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Removing Stains on Duffle Bags

Despite your best efforts, sometimes you'll wind up with a challenging stain. There are a variety of tricks you can use to get these pesky eyesores out. The first factor to consider, however, is what material your duffle bag is made of. For higher-end models, using stain removal sprays or specialty laundry products could be disastrous.

Polyester or polyester blend bags only require laundry detergent to get the stains out and this trick also works for canvas duffle bags. For a stronger approach, you can try water and white vinegar before thoroughly rinsing your bag out. Remember to always use warm water because cold water can make stains set in.

If that doesn't work, try sprinkling a little baking soda on the specific spots you want to remove. The area should be wet and the baking soda will create a thick paste-like substance on top of the stain. This trick takes a little longer to work--you should leave the duffle bag out with the baking soda for three hours. Next, wash the residue off and give your duffle bag another good rinse before drying.

Make sure none of the products you use contain bleach or other abrasive chemicals to avoid discoloration.

How Often Should You Wash a Duffle Bag?

Ideally, you should wash your duffle bag after every time you use it. As convenient as duffle bags are, they're also prone to getting dirty easily. Regular care and maintenance keeps your belongings fresh and with a brand-new appearance for longer, so you'll be able to use your bag for years to come.

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