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Kids’ Room Storage

Having proper storage equipment is a great way to ensure that your kids know where their toys and other items are. It also helps them learn how to clean and organize their personal space. Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide variety of storage solutions including bins, baskets and shelves that work well for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms.

Toy Storage

For kids, one of the most important kinds of storage is toy storage. These toy storage boxes come in many different sizes and styles. We also offer the option to customize many of them, by choosing specific colors and even having your child’s name or initials painted on the front in the font of your choice. These toy boxes and chests make it easy for kids to keep all their toys in one space, and they are low to the ground so that even little ones can easily reach into them.

Closets & Hampers

Hampers are very useful in a kid’s room. They work well inside of a closet, but they also work as a primary organizational system in a room that doesn’t have a closet. Hampers come in many materials, including wicker, metal and canvas. Some are freestanding while others hang from doors. Some feature multiple compartments while others have one large compartment.

Nursery & Changing Table Storage

If your children are still infants or toddlers, having changing table storage in their room is very useful. There are numerous kinds of changing table storage available. One of the most popular kinds are table runners. They feature multiple compartments, and they hang off of the changing table so that you can easily access their contents even while keeping your child on the table. There are also storage bins that are specifically designed to fit underneath or right beside a changing table.

Storage Wall Systems

Storage wall systems are a good choice for people who don’t want their storage items taking up space in the middle of the room. These storage systems sit right up against the wall, and some even hang on the wall so that they don’t take up any floor space at all. Some have cupboards that fully close, while others feature open shelves and cubbies that make it easy to display your child’s toys and other items. They mainly come in shades of white, gray and brown.

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