Bath Baby Wraps

Bath time with your baby is an enjoyable experience where you can bond and your baby can learn and play. At Pottery Barn Kids, we know it’s essential to have all the tools you need to make bath time a success. Our bath and baby wraps are an ideal way to keep your baby dry and warm before and after bath time. Slip your baby into pajamas and robes in soft materials from cotton to terry cloth that will keep them cozy. Keep changing to a minimum and opt for a hooded sleeper that will cocoon baby and offer warmth as well as comfort when getting out of the bath.

Keeping baby dry and cozy isn’t just for inside the house. Enjoy sun-drenched days at the beach or by the pool with our baby beach wraps. Our nursery beach wraps come in a variety of patterns including stripes, polka dots and hearts to keep baby warm and stylish. Our pure cotton wraps are made with fade-resistant, eco-friendly dyes and an ultraviolet protection factor rating of 50+ for comfort and peace of mind during fun in the sun. You can even customize our nursery beach wraps with monogrammed initials and names that make your baby’s accessories look and feel special.

Make bath time fun and turn it into an educational experience with bath toys designed specifically for babies. Playtime for babies helps them develop their motor skills, and bath toys are a simple way for them to practice without worrying about dropping or breaking anything. Squirt bath toys bring joy to babies and can be used to teach your baby how to squeeze and grab items. Bath toys featuring animals from dogs to whales and rubber ducks are a terrific addition as babies can chew on them without the risk of suffocation or injury.

Keep your bathroom dry and neat with bath mats and shower curtains that also offer protection for your baby. Our bath mats feature a rubber backing that prevents them from moving around, even when the floor is wet. If your baby is standing up or walking, you don’t have to worry about slips and falls on wet tiles of linoleum. Bath mats also add extra plush softness for tiny feet when walking around or for sitting when getting ready for bath time. Choose from bold patterns or under the sea animal shapes including turtles and sharks for a fun and educational bathroom for your baby.

Increase the organization in your bathroom by adding pegs and hooks that can be used to hang your nursery bath wraps and pajamas for easy access after bath time. Make sure to install the pegs and hooks out of reach of your baby to ensure his or her safety. Choose navy-striped hooks for a nautical look or inspire your baby’s imagination with animal pegs, such as butterflies or sports themes pegs, including baseballs and basketballs. Install individual hooks for a customized look or opt for a rack that features several hooks to store all the necessities.

Getting your bathroom baby ready means having bath essentials on hand. As your child grows older, he or she will need a step stool to reach the sink when washing hands or brushing their teeth. For babies, opt for a toothbrush holder where you can store your baby’s soft toothbrush and special toothpaste so that you don’t mix things up. Adding a hand pump soap dispenser makes it easy to wash your baby’s hands after a messy meal or playing outside. Hand pumps are ideal because you can dispense soap with one hand while cradling your child with the other, making it much easier to use that traditional hand soap bars.