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Choosing The Perfect Baby Changing Mat

Attending to all the details of the perfect nursery requires care, attention and a strong sense of style. Finalize your space with a baby changing mat to top your changing table and add another element of cozy softness for your baby's comfort and your ease and convenience. Changing mats are a must-have in every nursery, where they provide a safe place to change diapers. Cushion your baby from solid surfaces with the snuggly feel of a baby changing mat made of durable, upscale materials.

What Is A Baby Changing Mat?

A baby changing mat is a soft, cushioned pad that you use to keep your baby secure and comfortable when it's time to once again change his or her diapers. Mats go on top of changing table surfaces and are often covered with changing pad covers.

  • The changing mat or pad is a little longer than your baby and just wide enough for your baby to feel cozy. These pads are heavily cushioned and are usually a few inches thick with fill.
  • The pad curves upward at the sides just a bit to prompt your baby to stay still on his or her back while you handle wiping and changing. This makes it easy for you change him or her as safely as possible, although you still need to keep your hands on him or her.
  • Shop for pads made of all different materials, including organic cotton or Belgian flax linen. These upscale fabrics last a long time, are easy to clean and feel good to the touch.

Linens for a Baby Changing Pad

Almost all parents cover their baby changing pad with changing pad covers. These covers are similar to how you would put a fitted sheet over a mattress.

  • Changing pad covers have an elastic trim that fits over the edge of the changing pad. This elastic keeps the linen in place while you use the pad.
  • Covers come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose ones that complement your baby bedding and other decor.
  • Wash the covers frequently and keep many on hand at once in your changing table storage, so that you always have a clean one when you need it.

Setting Up A Modern Nursery

A baby changing mat is a vital element to a nursery for the sake of practicality, but it can also be another opportunity to appoint your modern nursery with curated items. Choose well-cushioned, ergonomic, high-quality pads with beautiful pad covers to make a statement in your baby's nursery.

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