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Car Seats

Riding safely and in style takes on a whole new meaning when traveling home with a newborn in tow. Car seats provide the safety and security that parents want for a baby while riding in a vehicle. It doesn’t take long to realize that car seats have many other purposes as well. From offering mobile seating for a child while you are working within the home to connecting to stroller bases when heading out for a stroll, understanding the benefits of a car seat is the first step in selecting the right model. At Pottery Barn Kids, we offer dependable car seats that meet the highest level of safety standards.

When seating a baby in a car seat, comfort becomes an important factor. Baby blankets help to cushion a child while keeping away cold drafts and excessive sunshine that interferes with the child’s comfort. Wearable baby blankets and Swaddlers fit snugly around the child like a sleeper or bunting wrap. The design of these blankets is meant for cold weather and doesn’t interfere with properly securing the car seat fasteners. Lightweight baby blankets can be hung over the handles to block harmful rays from the sun. This setup keeps baby cooler and free of skin irritations that the heat causes.

Whether using the car seat for your child while traveling in a vehicle, on a plane or with a stroller base for getting out and about, keeping your baby entertained is comforting to both you and your child. Providing your baby with age appropriate toys keeps both you and your child calm. Developmental toys including rubberized teethers and soft knit blocks build eye and hand coordination. The materials used in crafting development toys are washable, either by hand washing with a mild soap solution or in your washing machine. Older children appreciate magnetic toys that can be used within a metallic container. The magnetic toys come in a container that is equipped with a handle and fastener for easy transporting.

When searching for gifts, plush toys are always a winning option. These toys are available in a variety of character designs and sizes that fit well when a child is seated in a car seat. Musical plush toys introduce children to the world of music with the use of subtle tunes that children relate to. Plush toys with Velcro fasteners attach to the handle of a car seat and give children a delightful focal point for stimulation and security. Thumbie and rattle sets are welcomed by parents and children alike. Thumbie blankets are just the right size for small hands to grasp and quickly become an object that the child uses for security purposes. Matching rattles feature a soft plush design that matches the thumbie blankets. Babies and toddlers view the rattles as a way of communication and develop a feeling of accomplishment when learning how the toys work.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than hunger pangs or thirst when strapped into a car seat. Having water bottles filled with your child’s favorite beverage or thermal snack containers to offer your baby during travel gives everyone some relief. The thermal design of water bottles and snack containers keeps the contents within a temperature range that is both healthy and safe. The water bottles and snack containers fit well within diaper bags or totes that you use for your child’s baby care essentials, so you always have fresh drinks and snacks on hand.

Car seats do carry specific weight restrictions that accommodate children at various stages of life. Knowing the weight limitations of a car seat gives you the ability to make the best choices for your child. Having the safety testing data available is helpful as well. It is important to note that if a car seat has been used during a vehicular accident, always purchase a new car seat to ensure the best possible results for the safety and security of your child.

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