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Make Your Baby Happy With a Cute Teether

It's no secret that babies love a good teether. Ensure your baby is happy as often as possible when you keep a selection of high-quality and ultra-adorable teethers on hand. By having lots of them, you can make sure there's always a clean one ready and that you have enough different styles that you can coordinate with the day's outfit or accessories. Explore the cute teethers available at Pottery Barn Kids now to stock up for yourself or to give to your favorite new parents as a thoughtful gift.

Why Does Your Baby Love Teethers?

Your baby loves to use a teether for a number of reasons. They're soothing, comforting, entertaining and help little mouths develop in strength and size. Discover why a teether is a must-have for every baby.

  • Teethers are toys that babies can put in their mouths while they are developing teeth. Normally, you might not want your baby to put things in his or her mouth, but these are designed to be safe for chewing and gnawing under supervision.
  • Teethers may help promote growth, but they may also ease some of the discomfort associated with teeth pushing through soft baby gums. Some people freeze teethers for this reason. If you'd like to try freezing yours for a few minutes, choose a silicone teether--just don't give your baby anything that's too cold for comfort.
  • Some teethers double up as other kinds of toys, too. Look for a teether that rattles to have the most fun with yours.

Different Teether Styles

The styles you choose for your baby's teether depend on how you like to dress your baby, what kind of baby travel accessories you've chosen and how you've decorated the nursery. Once you've handled the basics--and the basics are basically that the toy is clean for them to chew--the rest is just for fun.

  • Stay playful with animal motifs, like a sweetly-smiling giraffe or animals that are already becoming familiar, like a cat or dog.
  • Hip themes like a hedgehog wearing stylish eyeglasses or teethers modeled after tattoo flash show the world that your baby may be young, but you two already have a timeless style.
  • Look for colors that are easy to spot while you're gathering together travel accessories or packing a diaper bag. Bright blues and greens or pretty pinks stand out in a nursery.

Stockpile Teethers for Your Own Ease

The best thing to do is select several teethers at once. This is one of those basics that you'll always be glad when you have extras. There's no such thing as too many teethers.

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