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Baby Teething Gear

Baby teething gear can help when the baby teeth start coming in. They can be especially helpful if kept refrigerated, so the cold can add relief from teething. Plastic squeaky teethers are entertaining because of the noise they make while helping to soothe the gums. Plush animal teethers made of polyester are very soft and double as a toy. Origami-shaped boats made from 100 percent natural latex and are hand-painted with safe, food grade dyes make good teethers too.

Other baby toys that are essential to have include bath toys that squirt water, float and squeak. Bath toys make bath time like play time. This is a terrific time for your baby to learn to love the water for future pool and beach days. Keep a toy organizer by the tub to keep the toys organized in between baths.

Plush stuffed animals make imaginative playmates. Keep them on your child’s bed for a sleeping buddy. Store them on a shelf in the bedroom for an adorable decorating accessory. Elephants, bunnies and sheep are huggable and cuddly and will be a lasting toy for years to come. Many of the stuffed animals can be monogrammed, which makes a super baby shower or birthday gift.

Learning toys are ideal for development. Pull toys, musical instruments, building blocks and activity gyms all fall into this category. Babies can begin finding some independence by keeping themselves busy with learning toys and activities. Listen to their coos and giggles when they stack some blocks on their own or figure out how to get sound out of a rattle.

Plush rockers are precious in a nursery. Rocking horses, bunnies, coyotes and bears are a few of the options. Kids will love the way they look and will enjoy rocking on them. They are built to be low to the ground, so are quite easy upon which to climb. They are also super soft for gentle rocking back and forth. You can also have these rockers personalized with a monogram on the glider rail.

Stock up on books to encourage a lifetime of reading and learning. You can never have too many books. What begins as a time for you to read to your baby leads to your child sounding out words, pointing to pictures and eventually reading. It’s such a huge milestone when your child turns the pages and learns to read books on their own.

A baby blanket can be a treasure for years. While it can keep your baby warm when sleeping, it can be a security blanket for added reassurance. When your child wants to take care of a stuffed animal or doll, the blanket might be used to tuck the toy in bed. Once your child outgrows their baby blanket, it can become a keepsake framed on a wall or made into an everlasting pillow.

Store the toys and blankets in a toy chest to keep the nursery or bedroom neat and tidy. It makes straightening up the room a breeze. Gentle closures prevent little fingers from getting caught when the lid closes. The chests can rest at the bottom of a bed, in a closet or against a wall. With the lid closed, it can also serve as an extra seat or tabletop. The storage chests come in various colors and can be personalized. A toy chest is a practical, multipurpose piece of furniture. As your child grows, the toy chest might become a sweater or sports equipment chest. The chest might go off to college for extra storage in a dorm room. It makes a super coffee table in a first apartment.

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