Get Up and Go with a Great Baby Carrier

Make the daily essentials, like running errands and shopping, as easy and comfortable as can be for both you and your baby with the perfect baby carrier. The carrier that's right for you depends on your personal tastes, lifestyle and your baby's comfort level. At Pottery Barn Kids, a wide selection of carriers, made to exacting design and safety standards, awaits you and your baby. Discover what makes a baby carrier comfortable, which ones are new, how to pick the style that's right for you and what to do with one once you have it.

What is a Baby Carrier?

A baby carrier is a personal accessory that allows you to be on the go for everything from around the house to walking on errands, without using your hands. The carrier keeps the baby close to your body, so he or she is cozy and feels safe, but takes a lot of the strain or weight off you due to the ergonomic distribution of weight.

  • Baby carriers are styled somewhat like a vest. They include straps that go over your shoulders, a sash or belt for around your waist and a main body portion that holds the baby.
  • Modern baby carriers are designed so that your baby's hips are safe during carrying. Recently, parents are becoming more aware of how early holding can influence your baby's development into a child, so it's reassuring to know your baby carrier helps support healthy growth.
  • Padding varies between carriers. Some carriers are heavily padded and have lots of soft support. Others are made of stretchy material that keeps your baby snugly in place to start.

Which Baby Carrier is for You?

The baby career that's best for you is mostly a matter of lifestyle. Some parents choose to have more than one carrier, so that as you undertake different errands or activities, you have different wants to carry your baby. You may also want to choose one simply for style.

  • If you are often on the go and need to maintain high functionality, smooth transitions and maybe a bit of speediness to make it through your day, look for a style with a lot of adjustable clips and padding to stay on the move.
  • If you're looking for lightweight, yet hands-free travel, choose a carrier with padded straps, an open back and a thicker belt. Ones that come with coordinating pouches make travel feel pulled together.
  • Full vest or jacket styles, like those by Cybex, can complement certain outfits and provide a snug way to transport your baby around town.

Enjoy carrying your baby close while you take care of your basic life tasks and errands.

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