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Playtime is an important part of growth and development for every child. This process begins from the moment of birth and continues throughout life. Providing your child with toys that stimulate the mind is the first step in setting your baby on the right start in life. At Pottery Barn Kids, we have a wide assortment of toys and playtime necessities that ensure your baby can discover the world in a safe and fun way. Choosing from the all of the play toys and equipment available will help to build fundamental skills that your child will use for achieving big dreams that lie ahead.

Activity gyms introduce your child to the concept of cause and effect. Resting on the soft mat base of the activity gym, your baby discovers how simple actions make the toys that are suspended above on the arched arms move or produce other responses. The activity gyms also aid in building hand and eye coordination skills. Plush play mats provide a comfortable and safe place for your child to spend recommended tummy time. These play mats give babies at the youngest ages opportunities to build muscles that are necessary for crawling and taking the first steps in life.

Whether working around the home or traveling to outside locations, placing your newborn or infant in a baby bouncer serves ideally for giving the child a firsthand look at the world. All baby play bouncers are designed to offer a gentle rocking motion as the baby kicks and moves. Parents appreciate the opportunity of having free hands to tackle necessary chores while knowing that the baby is secured calmly within eye range.

Travel cribs are self-contained play centers that offer easy mobility. Setting up a travel crib within the home allows you to place your baby is a secured location for playtime or napping. When outdoors, the travel crib prevents your child from wandering away and out of viewing range. While traveling for extended vacations or visiting friends and family, the travel cribs provide a familiar setting for your child’s sleeping arrangement. The familiar surroundings are comforting to your child, offering a more relaxed experience for both you and your baby. Ensuring the maximum level of comfort, having plenty of familiar baby blankets on hand helps. Even during warmer seasons, a lightweight baby blanket is easy to hold and snuggle for children. Attaching compatible accessories, such as changing tables, to the travel crib creates an entire baby care center that is a convenience for you wherever it is set up.

Liven up the travel cribs by adding mobiles for your child to enjoy. Mobile arms attach securely to the sides of the travel cribs securely holding the mobile in place. Mobiles provide the same benefits that are achieved with the activity gyms within your child’s resting space. The entertainment that your baby receives does stimulate the brain yet does have a calming effect. The magical shapes, colors and sounds that are offered from the different mobiles available make it possible to create any atmosphere you are trying to capture for your baby. Attach musical plush toys to the sides of the travel crib to introduce your child to the world of music in a subtle way.

All baby play toys and care equipment are washable either by hand with a mild soap and water cleaning solution or with machine washing and drying. Specific cleaning instructions are offered on all products and should be followed for the best results. Knowing that you are providing your baby with products that are clean and ready to go when you will always be appreciated.

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