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All Baby on the Go

Whether home or away, taking care of your baby is always a top priority. Having the gear necessary to handle any situation that arises is a comfort. From traveling safely in a vehicle to ensuring your child is well entertained, we have all the baby care essentials at Pottery Barn Kids that you need when out and about.

Travel by plane, train or automobile with your baby, and having a car seat that fits your child well is priceless. Built around the weight of your child and ease of mobility for you, the car seat quickly becomes a universal piece of baby gear you don’t want to leave home without. Extra car seat bases that are available give you the versatility of utilizing the car seat for your child’s traveling needs in multiple vehicles without excessive hassles. Attaching car seats to compatible stroller bases guarantees you are ready to get out and discover the world around you with your child.

Spending the day at the park or strolling through the baby boutiques is much more enjoyable with proper strollers at your service. The strollers provide comfortable seating for your baby and are equipped with fasteners to keep your child from wandering from you. Among the stroller accessories that are offered, using a bassinet add-on allows you to keep your eye on your newborn or infant at all times. Organizers that feature deep pockets attach to the stroller handle putting all your baby care essentials within hand’s reach.

While visiting family and friends, or when traveling overnight, packing a travel crib provides many benefits. Travel cribs offer a safe place for your child to play. Convenient for indoor or outside use, travel cribs are easy to set up and stow away quickly within your vehicle for transporting. Children appreciate having the travel cribs during naptime or nighttime slumbers as the cribs are familiar when in a strange place. Using other baby care items that are familiar to your child eases the homesickness and confusion as well. Attaching musical plush toys or mobiles to the side of the travel cribs has a calming effect that is enjoyed by both baby and parent alike.

Whenever you take your baby on the go, ensuring the child is entertained and comfortable makes for a much happier trip. Keeping a diaper bag or tote filled with extra diapers, toys and a security blanket allows you to pick up and go when the need arises. There are many different styles of diaper bags and totes to choose from. Whether you are searching to pair with your child’s nursery theme or want to look fashionable wherever you travel, there is a perfect bag for you. Selecting matching clutches and wet/dry bags maximizes the ensemble and provides additional storage for all your baby’s gear.

The moment your child experiences a rumbly tummy or is thirsty, the sweet-natured child that you know hibernates for a bit. Preventing these discomforts is as easy as having fresh snacks and drinks available. Basic feeding essentials such as thermal water bottles or snack boxes keep your child’s snacks and beverages at the desired temperature for lengthy periods of time. Maintaining the recommended temperature of foods and drinks is healthier and aids in the preservation of flavors. All feeding essentials available are dishwasher safe and store away without excessive needs for space. Children like the ability to grasp the containers with small hands securely.

Spending time away from home with your child opens up a whole new world to enjoy. Having the baby gear necessary for keeping your child safe and happy delivers a happier experience for everyone. The many memories and discoveries that are being made while on the go are remembered for years to come.