Medela Breast Pumps & Accessories

First founded in 1961 in Switzerland, Medela has been manufacturing breastfeeding pumps and accessories for decades with the thought of healthy mothers and babies in mind. It's a professional, medical school of thought that breastfeeding is best when it comes to baby’s nourishment for the first year (and beyond). However, as a busy mom in the modern world, feeding time can get extremely complicated if there's not enough breast milk on hand and baby’s never had formula. For moms who only have a certain amount of maternity leave and must return to work, the question of how to continue healthy breastfeeding has long been a concern. Here at Pottery Barn Kids, we offer moms from all walks of life the available equipment to help make breastfeeding easier on mom, and comfortable for baby.

Nursing can sometimes take a few weeks until everyone (mom, baby and even dad) catches on. Some babies don’t naturally latch right away. The important thing is, if you’ve decided breastfeeding is what you want for you and your child, not to give up. It does get easier – and having the right tools can help. There are several different types of pumps to consider as you begin your breastfeeding journey. You probably aren't going to need a pump for the first several weeks of breastfeeding, so don’t fret if you don't have all of your breastfeeding supplies lined up and ready to go the day you’re home from the hospital. It’s important to form that routine with your child, and once your milk supply is coming in at a regular pace, it’s then time to give the pump a try.

Some women swear by the Medela manual pump, while others truly only use it while traveling, or for long day trips like the beach or park. A manual pump works just how it's described – you’ll use one hand to hold the pump in place, while you use the other one to operate the pump. Quick and easy, this is a great way to get milk ASAP. Plus, it’s easy to tuck into your purse, luggage or even your child’s diaper bag. All of the parts of the manual pump are easy to assemble, and to take apart for cleaning. Plus, when you need replacement parts, they’re easy to find, and easy to use.

There are also electric and battery-powered pumps made by Medela. For most women, this is their go-to choice for a pump, with the ability to attach both breasts to the pump at once. There are several convenient factors with the electric pump – it allows you to be completely hands-free. Should you be pumping at home, you can still easily watch TV, type on your keyboard or do other small tasks. If you’re pumping for extra supply and you’re at work, the convenient battery pack allows you to take the pump into a quiet, private area for your pumping. All Medela pumps come complete with their own storage containers, but are easy to store or take on the go, as well.

When it comes to breastfeeding supplies, it’s never a bad idea to have a lot of breast milk bottles and nipples on hand. Especially if you’re at work throughout the day, you’ll need to pump often, and having plenty of bottles means that you never run out. It’s also a good idea to have some teethers on hand. Teething during breastfeeding can be a little bit frustrating for baby, so having a cold teether can soothe everyone.